Using Attribution Analysis To Measure Campaign Success

Your paid search campaign is a fantastic measure of which campaigns result in the most conversions. With Attribution Analysis, we can tell you which campaigns also played a vital role in gaining that conversion.

  • Giving credit where credit is due

    Key business decisions are made based on conversion data, however, it is important to always look between the lines or you may be switching off campaigns that play a vital role in the conversion process. Whether it be the first interaction attribution model, a position based model or a liner attribution model; it is important to involve someone in this decision making process who understands how to analysis and evaluate this data to ensure you are making the most out of your digital marketing. It is easy to undervalue important campaigns when you don’t look at the big picture – luckily, that is where we come in.

  • Extensive training to make the big decisions the right decisions

    Our team go through extensive Google Analytics training, equipping them to help you make key budgeting decisions based on website activity. The use of Google Analytics – and attribution analysis – plays a vital role in our decision making process when it comes to optimising your paid search campaigns.

    It is not enough for our team to make key marketing decisions based on how many conversions a campaign is getting. How many campaigns also played a role in moving a user through the sales funnel and closer to that final purchase? Through model comparison, we will constantly strive to further increase sales and goal conversions through experiments derived from attribution analysis.

Specialists in Google Analytics

Assisted Conversions

Whist a campaign may not be gaining as many conversions as you would like, they could be playing a vital role in the sales funnel. By measuring the success of a campaign by assisted conversions, we don’t run the risk of turning off campaigns that are playing a vital role in the background.

Last Click & Direct Conversion

It makes sense to push campaigns that are delivering a lot of conversions. Our team go one step further and utilise last click & direct conversions to measure the value of these conversions to your eCommerce campaigns. If a campaign is gaining less conversion than others, but these conversions tend to bring more money into the business, it makes sense to push these as a priority.

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