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Improve your leads and sales with the number 1 PPC agency in Birmingham. Whether your eCommerce or a Service Provider our PPC teams have the tried and tested Ad Strategies to get results fast..

Notably, Google has recognised our excellence, ranking us among the top 1.9% of agencies in the UK. As a Google Premier Partner, we deliver performance with confidence.

When it comes to performance delivery and building strong relationships to keep your company ahead of the competition, you can rely on Global Search Marketing.


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What can our PPC Management Achieve

Increased ROAS

Identifying existing or new campaigns with opportunities to increase the Return on Ad-Spend. E.g. for every £1 spent on PPC we’d delivery not £5 Revenue but strive for £8-£10. Equally identification of underperforming and wasteful campaigns to enable reallocation of budgets to improve Account level ROAS.

Increased Profitability

Increasing Profitability as an overall objective, can be achieved by modelling and exploring ROAS and Revenue strategies to achieve the optimum Profitability for your Business. E.g. even a company with strong revenue figures, can have poor profitability due to factors such as insufficient ROAS, Margins and Costs.

Increased Revenue

Managing Revenue typically involves modelling and effective application of ROAS and Profitability/Margins. Our teams are experts in achieving the optimum Revenue to match your operational requirements for Returns and Profit. E.g. marginally reducing ROAS and % Profit can increase Revenue.

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Our PPC Services

If you’re looking to boost your sales and improve your PPC performance then our tam of PPC experts are ready to help. See our full list of PPC services ,that are available to anyone in Birmingham or the West Midlands, below.

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Why Trust Your PPC Campaigns To Us

You can trust us for a simple reason – we are consistently chosen year after year by some of the UK’s largest and most reputable organizations. Additionally, our expertise in Paid Media has enabled numerous smaller companies to experience rapid growth.

To further ensure your peace of mind, we have diligently searched the country to assemble the best PPC Account Managers. Each service has a dedicated team led by an experienced PPC Account Director who is always available to our clients for any discussions or queries.

PPC Agency Birmingham

How our PPC Management works

Our PPC Management service is designed to be flexible for all budgets, catering to both large companies like FTSE 100 and emerging startups. We offer two fee options: a fixed fee based on your Adspend or a percentage of your monthly Adspend. This ensures that your budget and fees are tracked and reported separately.

Once we have determined your budget and objectives, our team of Paid Media experts, based in our Birmingham headquarters, will create a multi-tiered strategy to achieve your desired results efficiently. Depending on your existing campaign’s makeup and quality, we may need to optimize or restructure it comprehensively. In some cases, starting from scratch might be necessary to generate swift returns.

After preparing your campaigns for launch, our team will analyze audience engagement and market competition for keywords using their extensive experience. We will continuously optimize and test various elements until the campaigns stabilize and improve.

Our approach involves rapidly evolving campaigns, taking into account factors like geo-targeting and socio-demographics. We even consider the best days and hours for sales to maximize lead generation or sales opportunities.

As one of the UK’s leading PPC Agencies, we employ remarketing techniques to encourage your target audience to return to your website. Furthermore, our team consistently challenges themselves to enhance performance week after week by refining, testing, probing, and delivering better results.

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Improve Your PPC Performance by up to 20%

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Your PPC Questions Answered

Got questions? We’ve got the answers and then some…

Every client will have different performance, even within the same markets, as there are so many variables such as websites, prices, products etc to take into account. However, for eCommerce clients we’d suggest a strong ROI range of between 6:1 to 15:1 as a guide and for Services clients a strong ROI range of 3:1 to 10:1. That said, we often have enjoyed successes that far exceed these returns.

Ecommerce Sites: 1hr to 48hrs: We often give the example of an online mattress company, that approached us on the Thursday, went live the next morning and by mid-afternoon increased their budget having had multiple sales that same day. So to answer that question for eCommerce, your PPC adverts could be live rapidly within 24hrs and sales forthcoming from that point depending on the current state of your accounts. Note, it typically takes 3-months for newer campaigns to mature; as we gather data, refine, test and optimise to evidence the full potential of the campaigns. Service Providers : Typically 1 day to 4 days Service websites vary significantly, but as a rule we expect to see sales within the first few days or within a week of the campaign launching and to refine these campaigns over the first 6 weeks.

This is a common question and there is no clear answer with so many scenarios and variables to consider. That said, we often recommend to start with Pay Per Click as Clients enjoy the ROI quickly and can gain confidence quickly. In addition the SEO campaigns often benefit from the Pay Per Click data on keywords and conversions. We typically encourage clients new to marketing to launch with PPC and within 3-6 months engage with SEO.

Simple ask Google! They have accredited us as Premier Google Partners for a very good reason. That’s the top 3% of the circa 7500 Google Partners! Even better is that our Google Key Account Managers inform us that we are within the elite of these 3%, topping the list within the 1.9% classed as Google’s best of the best.

Reasons why your Google ads may not show when you search for them: You might not be the target demographic. Using your browsing history, Google builds a profile of you based on the type of websites you frequently visit, so if it decides that you are not in the target demographic, you are not going to be shown the ads as this would waste your budget. If Google detects that you have already made multiple searches for your ads but have not actually clicked on the ad, it will decide you’re not interested and stop showing you the ad. If you haven’t made any previous searches for your ads, but share an IP address with many people that have (i.e. people in your office), Google may decide not to show you the ad. If you do one search for an ad and keep refreshing until you see your ad, Google thinks you’re not interested in any of the ads (as you’re not clicking on them) and will stop showing them to you. You may be outside the target area for those ads. For example if you are in England but do a search for ‘XXX in Ireland’, the Irish Google ads will not show for you, as the ads are programmed to only show if you are actually searching from Ireland, as this makes the campaign more targeted and costeffective. Your media budget for that particular day has run out. The ads work on rotation and it’s just not showing. You may be using a device that is either not being targeted by your campaign or your ad may not rank high enough if there is not an appropriate bid modifier on that device. Your ad may not be scheduled to show at the time or day you are searching on