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Drive traffic, sales and leads with targeted ads to people searching for your services and products.

Improve your PPC campaigns by up to 20%

Companies working with Premier Google Partners and AI achieve up to 20% increases to their PPC Campaign performance. Google Premier Partners are amongst the top 3% of UK Google qualified PPC Agencies, that makes us one of Google’s best agencies for performance and expertise.

Specialists in E-Commerce & Lead Generation

  • Increasing your Returns (ROAS)
  • Increasing your Profitability
  • Increasing your Revenue

Why waste Time and Profit working with an agency that’s not a Premier Partner? Talk to our team of PPC experts today and we’ll show you how we can improve the performance of your PPC campaigns to drive additional leads to your website and rocket your sales.


What can our PPC Management Achieve

Increased ROAS

Identifying existing &/or new campaigns with opportunities to increase the Return on Ad-Spend. E.g. for every £1 spent on PPC we’d delivery not £5 Revenue but strive for £8-£10. Equally identification of underperforming and wasteful campaigns to enable reallocation of budgets to improve Account level ROAS.

Increased Profitability

Increasing Profitability as an overall objective, can be achieved by modelling and exploring ROAS and Revenue strategies to achieve the optimum Profitability for your Business. E.g. even a company with strong revenue figures, can have poor profitability due to factors such as insufficient ROAS, Margins and Costs.

Increased Revenue

Managing Revenue typically involves modelling and effective application of ROAS and Profitability/Margins. Our teams are experts in achieving the optimum Revenue to match your operational requirements for Returns and Profit. E.g. marginally reducing ROAS and % Profit can increase Revenue.

Premier Google Partners Achieve Better Results


Our PPC Services

Whatever you’re looking to achieve we offer a bespoke PPC strategy that we will manage from set up, to execution and beyond.
  • PPC Campaigns

    Working with a Google Premier Partner can improve your PPC performance by up to 20%

  • Shopping Campaigns

    Improve your product sales with ads targeting key terms related to your products.

  • PPC Consultancy

    Get expert advice from award winning PPC Consultants to improve your PPC campaigns.

  • PPC Audits

    Get a free PPC audit from our award winning PPC experts.

  • Paid Social

    Reach your customers on the platforms they use with paid social media adverts.

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Our Many PPC & SEO Awards & Recognitions


Why Trust Your PPC Campaigns to Us ….

The best way to tell if a company is trustworthy is to look at the company they keep. We work with leading brands across the UK and are officially recognised by Google as a Premier Partner, which means Google themselves view us as one of the top 3% of Marketing agencies in the UK.

Whatever the size of your business we’ve got the experience and the plan that will work for you. Unlike other Premier Partners we’re not interested in working with only big companies. We’re happy to spread the benefits of our expertise around in a way that’s affordable to all sorts of businesses.

Our position as a leading digital marketing agency means that we’ve been able to hire the most impressive talent available. Our team of fully accredited & award winning PPC experts are ready to help you improve your PPC performance by up to 20%.

We do appreciate though that taking on an agency, or switching to a new one, is often seen as risky, which is why we offer a trial period where you’re able to test our services, and if you’re not happy you can walk away with no further costs to your business.


Rapid & Tangible PPC Results

As an award winning Premier PPC Agency, our multi-disciplined PPC specialists consistently year on year deliver impressive and tangible returns for our clients, whom range in size from super brands (FTSE 100s) to a fantastic array of local SME’s right across the England. Our exceptional PPC performance’s begin with clearly communicated objectives that clarify intent and expectations for deliverables and pave the way for our Ad Strategies to achieve maximum impact. Our PPC specialists understand results and relations govern all our actions requiring established and challenging whilst realistic targets for impressive ROIs.

As an Premier PPC Agency our teams are constantly adopting and trialling the latest advancements in technology and data management to push the PPC boundaries to the limit in pursuit of performance.

Our team also apply their invaluable commercial and market knowledge to understand your markets and audience to seek out every opportunity and maximise your ROIs.

With client PPC budgets ranging from around £750 to £250,000 per month, we aren’t joking when we say we cater for every business large and small, with our PPC teams covering all sorts of industry verticals week in week out.

Improve Your PPC Performance by up to 20%

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Your PPC Questions Answered

Got questions? We’ve got the answers and then some…

Simple, because we offer the best return of investment and our clients comfortably cover their costs in the additional sales. Our clients often mention they are glad to have trusted the professionals. Our PPC team’s experience in Ad Strategy and scaling campaigns is second to none and there aren’t many industries we haven’t operated in with high levels of success and happy clients.

At Global Search Marketing we do our best to cater for all budgets from exciting Start-Ups needing to scale, right up to our super sized FTSE clients. As a guide our minimum management fee starts from £350pcm for smaller clients, but this can range right up to £15k for larger campaign management. Our clients tend to extend their management fees with us quite quickly as they enjoy the fruits of our work and want more !

This is a very specific question depending on the industry and the competitive nature of your market place. That said, for smaller campaigns we recommend between 2-3 times your management fee to provide an effective return and test your market. Often we can work with a smaller budget to demonstrate performance and opportunities before clients have confidence to spend more.

No. We always provide Admin access to our accounts whilst actively managing your accounts. This is important for our clients and demonstrates our professionalism in managing your PPC accounts and analytics.

This varies depending on the discount our clients wish to be applied. Naturally if you are committing to a 2 year contract the PPC Management fees are notably reduced. That said, clients with lower budgets often opt for a 3-month trial term contract, whilst those clients whom already utilise PPC Agencies for their management often seek the longer contracts of 12-24 months once our team have impressed with our audits and proposed tactics allowing greater discounts.

All clients receive our standard PPC Management report every month. However, many clients have bespoke reporting &/or high frequency reports depending on their requirements for a small fee. Our team can also assist with supporting reporting tools such as analytics.

This directly depends on your management fees, the more your fee the more time we have to manage your accounts. As a rule we are on average in the accounts 2-3 times per week, but this can sometimes be batched into more effective blocks of scheduled time. Management does involve a host of activities that are not just applied in the account, such as research, strategising and communications, but we are always as transparent as possible. We are always happy to showcase the applied work throughout. Remember our PPC Teams are there to drive performance and grow your accounts, as such they won’t waste time unnecessarily. Sometime clients do require more time on communications or planning, but we liaise closely to find the right solution, allowing maximum time on the accounts.