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GSM are a leading SEO Agency in Birmingham specialising in e-Commerce, B2C and B2B SEO Strategy. We improve your SEO rankings and Search Engine Visibility. Our leading SEO reporting and evaluation of data continually drives more relevant traffic to your website and improves your Market Share. Our SEO Strategies are winning industry awards for these impressive performance and innovation.

  • Technical SEO Management
  • Onsite Content Planning
  • Onsite Optimised Content Writing
  • Blogger Outreach Services
  • Digital PR Management

Our multi-award winning experts are available to demonstrate the added value their SEO knowledge and management can deliver to your Company. You may even have seen our specialists sharing this expertise at various leading conferences such as Brighton SEO, along with many others.


SEO Agency in Birmingham

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SEO Agency Birmingham

Our SEO Management Services

Our SEO Management Services are offered as part of bespoke SEO strategies for all our Birmingham and West Midlands based clients. They are designed to deliver the results you need at a cost that affordable to you.

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SEO Agency in Birmingham

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Leading SEO Agency Birmingham

Why Trust Your SEO to Us ….

The simple reason you should partner with the leading SEO Agency in Birmingham is Trust. Our SEO clients develop a strong trust in our professional advice and the transparency of our service delivery, which is evidenced by our impressive year on year results and exceptional client satisfaction.

Our clients know they have the best organic management performance across the UK and Europe as our team on is hand for all your your Technical SEO, Local and International SEO, Onsite Content, Outreach & Digital PR needs.

Our teams set out clear strategies and plans for our clients which provides significant confidence that your corporate objectives are understood and the team will deliver results.

It also provides significant confidence to how your much valued marketing budget is applied by our teams and set clear milestones & measurables to report on our successes.

Perhaps the biggest reason for trusting us, is their approachability and willingness to run our clients through any aspect of the strategy or activities that aren’t clear or challenged, working as an almost organic extension to your team.

We believe strongly that trust is at first entrusted, but must be quickly proven and our team do this with their professionalism and performance.

If you are looking for a specialist SEO company in Birmingham, give us a call or complete our enquiry form and we’ll be in touch.

SEO Agency Birmingham

How our SEO Management works

Our SEO management services are designed to incorporate businesses of all sizes, whether you’re in charge of Marketing for a Small/Medium Business or FTSE100, we develop bespoke SEO services & strategies tailored to your Business Goals and focused to engage your Target Audience.

Once we’ve determined your Business Goals and Target Audience our experts will swiftly develop a considered and balanced strategy (inc. targets and budget) to deliver with clear KPIs and Objectives.

Typically, our  management starts with an in-depth audit and Market Review. This is critical to establish a Performance Benchmark but more importantly identify the Competition’s Rankings and how they are performing. After all, SEO is all about beating your competition in the rankings for the most Competitive Keywords and Long Tail Keywords.

Once your Rankings Distributions are assessed & established, our team have a clear understanding of your keywords topping P1-P4 ranking positions, or narrowly missing out in the P5-P10 ranking positions, as well as all the keywords not showing on page 1 or absent entirely from the Search Engine Results.

Aligning this dataset to your audience and business goal, refines the strategy and generates the programme of work, covering activities such as keyword research, competitor analysis, monitoring Google’s algorithm updates, technical onsite SEO, onsite content optimisation, new onsite content and outreach/digital PR, among equally important activities.

Finally we clearly Report Performance monthly.

  • Your Business Goals
  • Your Target Audience
  • Strategy & Objectives
  • Audit & Market Review
  • Performance Benchmarking
  • Competitive Keywords & Longtail
  • Ranking Distribution
  • Programme of Work
  • Monthly Reporting

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Your SEO Questions Answered

Got questions? We’ve got the answers and then some…

Engaging an agency is effectively buying their time and expertise. The more time applied and higher the SEO Strategic knowledge and skill, the better the outcome and ROI. As a rule Premier Google Partner level agencies, such as us, tend to have minimum fees of £500-£1500 pcm for any singular SEO service.

SEO in essence is the practice of improving &/or increasing the volume of your relevant rankings on Google or other SERPs. This is done by understanding what your audience is searching Google for (keywords) and then monitoring how you rank. Agencies are proficient at this and creating Search Engine Optimisation strategies to climb higher up the rankings.

SEO agencies with the right SEO experience and strategic knowhow absolutely. A degree of patience is required as Optimisation takes time to establish, that said, you should see momentum early and have clear ranking or traffic objectives for your agency to achieve.

With more than 200+ million Google searches an hour gaining access to this huge audience is absolutely critical for any business to secure their Market Share. Also Google or other SERP users are typically browsing with an intent, leading to stronger conversion rates.

A simplistic explanation of SEO would be to improve your website or individual pages on your website as to rank better on Google or other Search Engines than your competition for relevant user searches. The term SEO, stands for Search Engine Optimisation, so optimising how and how prominently you feature on Google SERPs.

SEO is not as fast as PPC or some other Marketing Channels. That does not mean you cannot see some fast acting gains, but typically 3-mnths + is a good guideline to showcase momentum. However, SEO is all about beating your competition, so performance is dependent on the competition, your start position and your level of investment. If you are looking for an experienced SEO agency in Birmingham, get in touch.

It determines which keywords will be focused on, which may include our specialists creating new landing pages or optimising existing content and various other SEO techniques to strength the relevant of your website for those keywords. Our specialists can present search volume data for each keywords to assess which keywords will generate the most traffic and revenue. SEO strategies are not as fast to evolve as PPC as such the more focused you are at the beginning of your campaigns the better the results. For example: If a Cleaning Company in Birmingham is seeking first page rankings, our teams would assess the services they offer and research the best performing keywords whilst considering your most profitable services. As such our team may highlight the following keywords to focus on ranking strongly: Commercial Cleaning in Birmingham Domestic Cleaning in Birmingham Carpet Cleaning in Birmingham Curtain Cleaning in Birmingham Furniture Cleaning in Birmingham Hard Floor Cleaning in Birmingham Professional Cleaning in Birmingham