Supercharged Marketing

with Attribution Analysis

  • Supercharge your Marketing Channels by identifying performance and underperformance trends
  • Which of your channels is working the hardest to raise your brand awareness and boost your conversions?
  • Our Digital Specialists utilise insights to capitalise on opportunities & select Marketing Channels?


Why You Need Attribution Analysis

Any marketing campaign is only as successful as its results. Attribution analysis is fundamental to understanding those results throughout user journey to conversion. We examine analytics beyond the last click before conversion.

Have you ever wondered which of your channels was doing the most to raise brand awareness? And if those channels are different to your last click top performers? We can find out for you.

How can we help?

Our Analytics specialists can help you look beyond the last-click model of analysis. We’ll bring you answers to some of the most crucial questions for informing your business growth strategy:

• Which channels are playing the most important roles from the start of your users’ journey to conversion?
• Which channels are being undervalued by last-click analysis?
• How can this data benefit you in making your most important marketing decisions?

Ways We Increase Brand Awareness

Top Level Analysis
We begin with a top level analysis of your different marketing channels. We'll determine the most effective way to report on each attribute to understand how it influences your consumers' journey to conversion.
In-Depth Attribution Analysis
We then look at your attributions on a granular level. We examine how your different channels are interacting with each other along different phases of your customers' journey. And - most importantly - we determine how each your channels is affecting your ROI.

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