Getting The Upper Hand With Our Google Analytics Services

Digging deeper into data to get even better vision of campaign performance to help drive our strategies that guarantee fantastic results.

  • Because data matters

    Data is at the forefront of everything we do and through the use of Google Analytics, we are able to gain invaluable insight into user behaviour that can assist in the decision making process, help us better understand the flow of your website and even attribute revenue to a specific digital marketing platform. The difference between digital marketing and other forms of marketing is that you are able to accurately measure conversions, ascertain key demographic information and, in some cases, allocate revenue gained from organic and paid search. Our Google Analytics consultants regularly utilise Google Analytics to drive our optimisation strategies and are adept in setting up the platform and carrying out audits on current analytics accounts.

  • Let’s start at the very beginning - we hear it’s a very good place to start

    If you have a brand new website, get the most out of your investment by aligning your digital marketing efforts and collating all the information into one easy accessible place: Google Analytics. Through our Google Analytics services, your tracking will flawlessly pull in important data based on your personal KPI’s; from multiple domains should you require it. In addition to setting up your company analytics account, we will also link your website, webmaster tools and paid search campaigns (including social media) with a unique tracking code; giving us insight into the demographics and on-site behaviour of users. With this information, the possibilities are endless.

    If you already have a Google Analytics account set up, why not request an audit from one of our trained team? We have not only passed the Google Analytics exam, we utilise the platform every day; and when you have worked with as many clients as we have, you learn that every account is unique. We take our experiences from every campaign to delve even deeper into the available data to offer the most accurate information. We can ensure that your account is living up to expectations and pulling in as much information as possible. Whether that be e-commerce data or service-based data; you can count on us to carry out a full audit swiftly and thoroughly explain our findings to you. Get in touch to find out how our Google Analytics services can help your business and request an audit.

Specialists in Google Analytics

Set Up And Audit

Seamlessly track key digital data by setting up Google Analytics. Link all your digital marketing efforts and gather important information to help you make the decisions that will drive your business forward. Already have this in place? Request an audit to ensure your tracking is operating as well as possible.

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Attribution Analysis

Don’t risk turning off non-performing campaigns that play a much bigger role than you think. With Attribution Analysis, our team can push your campaigns to ensure the best performance possible. Because for us, it is not enough to just make it work, we are constantly honing our skills and pushing our efforts to get you the best results.

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Google Tag Manager

Utilise Google’s tracking tool to link your digital marketing efforts. Whether you utilise Google Adwords, Bing Adwords, Facebook or something else; allow us to ensure that all your data is being successfully tracked and pulled into you Google Analytics account.

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Dashboards & Reporting

Every business has different goals and therefore looks at different types of data collected by Google Analytics. We are able to set up dashboards that report on the most important information for you that will better equip you to make key business decisions.

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