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We are one of the top marketing agencies in Birmingham and we put all our focus into delivering year on year growth for your business. We don’t focus on vanity metrics. We’re only concerned with the results that matter most to you.

  • Google Ads
  • Bing Ads
  • Blogger Outreach
  • Technical SEO Management
  • Digital PR Management
  • Email Marketing
  • Influencer Marketing

What can Marketing Achieve


Achievable ROI (max)


Achievable conversion rate (max)

Up to 350%

Year on Year traffic growth

Up to 228%

Annual increases to your organic revenue.

The Marketing Agency Delivering Results

The world of marketing is changing day by day, so it’s important that you work with a Birmingham marketing agency that can keep up with this dynamic industry. We will deliver you the results you’re looking for thanks to our industry knowledge and our experience. Our marketing teams will keep your business above the your competition, no matter which channels you’re using. Our marketing strategies are always future-proof and totally dynamic. Each business requires a unique approach and each of our strategies are bespoke.

Work with our marketing specialists to get your business to your goals. We work with your goals at the forefront of their mind, which means that every action we take is to help you achieve your overall business objectives. No matter your goals, whether that’s reaching the first page in Google’s rankings or just generally increasing your revenue generation for your business, our award-winning Birmingham based teams can push you in the right direction.

We have experience working with companies of all sizes, from small businesses, to SMEs and even international corporations in the fortune 500. What’s more, we will work with a wide range of sectors such as eCommerce, logistics, education and manufacturing. Global Search Marketing are well placed to provide marketing services across a wide range of industries and markets.

European Search Awards 2020 Finalists

Taking on the best of the Europe’s Elite Digital Marketing Agencies in 2020

We’re incredibly proud of our team at GSM, its a fantastic feeling to have such recognition from the leading Digital bodies in the industry.

Why Trust your Marketing to Us ….

When it comes to performance, our clients always see impressive year on year growth across their every marketing channel we work on. We are totally focused on client satisfaction, and we will help you generate more traffic to both your physical stores as well as your traffic from Birmingham, driving footfall to a physical location or building up an international audience they know that they’re getting some of the best advice available in the UK.

Our digital marketing teams develop clear strategies that align with business objectives in ways that can be easily understood and show the value of the actions that are being taken so everyone in your business can understand what’s happening and what impact it will have.

One of the biggest reasons our clients stick with us is because our digital marketing teams focus on communications and approachability. We take calls from clients every single day where we’re answering questions, going through data or providing general updates to the strategy. You can rest easy knowing that we’ll always be willing to answer any questions you might have.

Our Marketing Services

Leading the way

Premier Google Partners

We have been one of the most decorated and highest performing Premier Partner PPC Agencies in Birmingham for many years and look forward to out performing last year.

Conference Speakers

Brighton SEO

You’ll have seen us at Brighton SEO speaking and no doubt at other SEO Conferences. Our team not only present and share our expertise but equally engage to increase our own knowledge. Come across and speak to the team at any conference

How our Marketing Management works

Our Marketing strategies are designed to work with business of all shapes and sizes, across every sector and industry. No matter whether you’re running a family business or an International corporation we’re able to provide you with a unique and bespoke service that’s tailored to your requirements and needs. What this strategy looks like is dependent on your business goals, and if you’re not sure what those goals are, we’re happy to work with you to identify and set them.

Once your business goals and targets have been set, and you know what your budget is going to be, our Birmingham based marketing team will work alongside you to develop a bespoke strategy for your business. Typically, we will begin with an audit of your existing advertising accounts, website and any other marketing processes you’re already doing. After we have identified your weaknesses and strengths, we will discuss how we can improve the areas you’re struggling and how we can reinforce the areas where you’re doing well. No matter you needs, whether it’s re-structuring your PPC campaigns, or growing your social media audience a posting schedule, Global Search Marketing is here to help.

Once we’ve outlined the steps we need to take to boost your digital channels, we’ll begin the implementation process. Our Birmingham based marketing experts will waste no time creating project plans with clear target metrics and deadlines that you can easily follow.

After we’ve created your marketing strategy, we will be in regular contact with you to keep you up-to-date with the works that’s being completed. What’s more, we will create monthly reports to highlight the highs and lows of the month. This will be to ensure that your digital channels are performing to expectations, if any areas are underperforming, we will quickly discern why that is the case.

As one of Birmingham’s leading marketing agencies, we understand the importance of nurturing your target audience with a meaningful and engaging website. Don’t be left in the dust by competitors and let us analyse, refine and test your site to get you the results you need.

Define Client Objectives & Deliverables

Account Audit & Strategy Development

Account Rebuild, Restructure or Optimisation

Formulate Ad Text, Ad Creatives and Ad Videos

Set Match Types & Keyword targeting

Set Geo-Targeting & Socio-Demographics

Establish & Implement Remarketing Strategy

Continuous Improvement and Refinement

Our Holistic Approach to Marketing

A successful marketing initiative involves combining a variety of marketing channels into one holistic strategy. The components of a successful marketing strategy can incorporate absolutely anything including, PPC, SEO, articles, radio mentions, emails and even YouTube videos. Maximising your return on investment for each of these channels is what we do best. From the very start of your journey with us, our Account Managers will consider the approach we take and form a strategy with your individual business goals in mind.

Before coming on board with us, it’s important that you define a goal besides the top level objective of increasing sales. Your objective must be specific and highly targeted with a clear way to measure success. The importance of all parties having a thorough understanding of the overarching objective cannot be understated. Having a solid goal outlined paves the way for a methodical and meticulous multi-channel strategy.

We’ve developed a framework that focuses on how Marketing Campaigns will Attract, Capture, Nurture, Convert and Re-Attract, consistently within a cycle. Click here to <.

Our Birmingham Office Offers:

Free Audit and Review Ask our Digital Marketing Experts

Our digital marketing specialists will happily offer you a free audit to ascertain your strengths, weaknesses and opportunities. More often and not, it doesn’t take long to pin point why a PPC account or website has underperformed, and provide a clear plan of recovery.

Typically our teams will provide a live, onscreen walk through your account, which for most clients is a real eye opener to what has been done or often hasn’t been done historically.

This provides a wonderful opportunity to ask questions live and for the teams to provide examples or simply show you how.

We often say there are no hiding places when it comes to digital marketing audits, that said we are cautious not to scaremonger when an account is relatively well structured and managed.

In some audits ,we’ve ended up giving clients the thumbs up on their current agency, which speaks volume for our style and integrity. Our team tailor these audits and reviews to whatever level you require from layman’s terms to advanced.

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    Your Marketing Questions Answered...

    Every Client will have different performance, even within the same market, as there are so many variables such as websites, Prices, Products etc. However, for Ecommerce client we’d suggest a strong range between 15:1 to 6:1 for return on investment as guide and for services a strong range of 10:1 to 3:1. That said we have have enjoyed successes that far exceed these returns. For a more accurate feels speak to our PPC Team who can discuss your specific market and guide you.

    Ecommerce Sites: 1hr to 48hrs:

    We often give the example of an online mattress company, that approached us on the Thursday PM, went live the next day by 9am and by 12noon rang to increase their budget having had multiple sales. This particular client increased their budget three times on their first day such were the instant results and over the next 3-months saw their campaigns develop significantly. So to answer that question for ecommerce, your PPC adverts could be live rapidly within 24 hours with sales forthcoming from that point. Note, it typically takes 3-months to gather data, refine, test and optimise at which point the full potential of the campaigns materialise.

    Service Provider : 1 day to 4 days

    Service websites vary significantly, but as a rule we expect to see sales within the first few days of the campaign launching and to refine these campaigns over the first 6 weeks. In this 6-week period significant understanding and evolution occurs, including recommendations for website development and in some cases performance can significant increase beyond the first 6 weeks as the campaigns establish

    Our PPC team have significant experience in most industry verticals and may have even worked on similar or competitor accounts over the years, so for more information please contact the team.information please contact the team.

    Our PPC Team appreciate that from tiny acorns grow mighty Oak trees and more often than not have managed multiple Acorns (Now Oaks) over the years. Therefore, our team can start with PPC budgets of circa £500pcm to evidence performance and provide confidence to incrementally increase your budget.

    Our team also appreciate that so smaller clients, the importance of starting small and building up.

    Normally £500pcm is a good start point. However, within a week our PPC team can provide an indication to the market share achievable for those that wish to spend more

    For established campaigns, we’d recommend maintaining the current spend to expedite data collation and refinement.

    Our contract terms do vary depending on the industry sector, spend levels and degree of discount sought. However, our default contract focuses on a 3-month trial term and a main term thereafter of 3, 6 or 12 months. This provides confidence in our service delivery prior to entering main terms. The main term also maintains the same account management team as far as reasonable to do so throughout, so the team learn your business inside out.

    Yes – our contracts are typically setup to provide you with a trial term of 3-months. This providesclientstheconfidence that they are not locked into long term contracts until results are demonstrated.

    PPC is commonly assumed to be Google Adverts, but really PPC (pay-per-click management) is better considered as Paid Search Ads or Paid Media Ads, basically any platform which your adverts incur a cost once clicked. Our Paid Search Platforms are typically, Google, Microsoft (Bing), LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram. However, we also work with others, as well platforms unique to other global search engines such as Yandex (Russia) or Baidu (China) or 123Khoj (India). Typically, albeit not always, we start with Google, due to the belief that if you can’t get a return from Google Ads you are likely to struggle with the other platforms.

    Our teams will happily work with little instruction and guidance, for those clients that have other commitments or are satisfied with the deliverables, to clients that wish to have a hands on approach. Our management incorporates a degree of Comms, Meeting and Strategising time, so 9 times out of 10, our PPC team can liaise within their schedule. Occasionally clients require time beyond the standard or additional bespoke reporting. This is typically covered with a marginal fee increase to provide additional scheduled time. Please speak with our PPC team for further guidance.

    Absolutely – your accounts are setup to provide you admin access.

    This is a common question and there is no clear answer with so many scenarios and variables to consider. That said, we often recommend to start with PPC as Clients enjoy the ROI quickly and can gain confidence quickly. In addition the SEO campaigns often benefit from the PPC data on keywords and conversions.

    Furthermore, PPC is also more dynamic and adaptable if ROIs are not satisfactory, with changes taking effect immediately. SEO typically takes 1-month to 3-months for changes to be registered by the search engines, so aren’t as adaptable.

    We encourage clients new to marketing to launch with PPC and within 3-6 months engage with SEO.

    A good question and one we are often asked. In our opinion we are the best in Central England by some margin and to be fair independent reviews from Google and our FTSE 100 clients  support this confident opinion. In terms of the national circuit we are considered to be one of 20 elite UK agencies and we are considered to be amongst the top agencies in Europe as well. This is partlytestimony to the quality of the UK marketing industry. If you’d like more information please talk with our Operations Director – Luke Hodgkins.

    Your Marketing Questions Answered...

    This is a common question posed to our SEO teams and also our PPC teams. The reality is that both are highly effective marketing channels which offer significant returns and increase your sales income. However, your specific requirements tend to dictate whether SEO or PPC is best for you or indeed both.

    As a rule a rule of thumb we would always advocate a holistic Marketing Strategy with PPC, SEO and Social Media as a foundation. However, the urgency of a return or swift demonstration of potential performance often leads to a choice of one or the other.

    If you’d like to have an open discussion on the best solutions and strategies for you, please contact us and our digital specialists can discuss how we’ll get maximum performance quickly.

    SEO is a marketing channel like no other, in that you can clearly see how you stack up against your competition for your main keywords or services. What’s maybe not as clearly visible for you is how you stack up against the long-tail keywords (i.e. variations on users search queries that you wouldn’t necessary think of typing or less common).  This is great news for evaluating the competition and how you sit within the market place.

    This showcases the level of investment and the level time required to compete and dominate within your specific Market.

    As a rule of thumb, some SEO activities can be picked up within days or weeks and see significant ranking improvements, other take 3-6months to register with search engines.

    We have a fantastic track record of accelerating clients into the desired top spots on Google within a short period. For more information and our team to review the competitiveness of your Market place, please contact us for a chat.

    PPC is commonly assumed to be Google Adverts, but really PPC (pay-per-click management) is better considered as Paid Search Ads or Paid Media Ads, basically any platform which your adverts incur a cost once clicked. Our Paid Search Platforms are typically, Google, Microsoft (Bing), LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram. However, we also work with others, as well platforms unique to other global search engines such as Yandex (Russia) or Baidu (China) or 123Khoj (India). Typically, albeit not always, we start with Google, due to the belief that if you can’t get a return from Google Ads you are likely to struggle with the other platforms.

    Yes – our contracts are typically setup to provide you with a trial term of 3-months. This provides clients with the confidence that they are not locked into long term contracts until results are demonstrated.

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