Technical SEO – Because Ranking Isn’t Just About Your Website

Increasing site trust and promoting your brand organically is another way of increasing rankings and site visibility.

  • Coding your way to fantastic ranking

    Google has a language all of its own. Our accredited team not only understand it, they are fluent in it. This makes us the best choice when it comes to utilising tech SEO as a starting point to help your site rank organically. Optimising the bones of your site will give your website a head-start in the SERPs so it is essential that this is done correctly.

  • Let’s get technical

    Whether you already have a site up and running or are starting from scratch, we utilise a variety of platforms to give us the best visibility of your sites position against your competitors. From indexing your site to ensuring that Googlebot and Bingbot can ‘read’ the images you use, we know the secret ingredients to set your site apart from competitors; helping your site to rank, lead potential customers through their site-journey and ultimately to converting into paid and returning customers.

    Our job is not done when your site has gone through our technical SEO process, from competitors stepping up their game to compete with you, to algorithm updates, we will continue to manually check your site for further improvements and keep you ahead of your competition. In addition to technical SEO elements, we work with user experience in mind – one of Google’s latest pushes when it comes to ranking. SEO is interlaced, so ensuring your site is optimised through technical SEO is one of the first steps to positive rankings as well as being important further down the SEO line.

Our Technical SEO Services

Back-end coding

Speaking Google’s language to ensure the coding is understood by Googlebot and Bingbot. Ordering your site in a way that is not only user-friendly, but shows Google what you think is important and what you are looking to rank for.

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Page Speed

A slow-loading site will impact your rankings. The zero moment of truth is when a customer decides whether to continue with your service and this happens within the first few seconds of accessing your site. Don’t let a slow site let you down.

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Don’t just take our word for it, we utilise Google and Bing Analytics, Web Master Tools and more to ensure we provide a clear picture of how your site is performing; in regards to user experience as well as organic ranking.

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Manual Checks

A good website isn’t just about Google, how people interact with your site also comes into organic ranking. That is why we carry out manual checks to ensure that your site offers the best possible user experience.

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And That’s Just The Start

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