About Us


What is our Management Style?

This is not a question we get asked specifically very often and we could give a fancy crafted (“Googled”) response.

Instead we prefer to be more direct and understand we’re here to deliver excellent returns for you and forge long term relationships to mutual benefit year after year. This clarity serves us very well.


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It also defines our approach to relationships and account management, which is centred on ‘you the client‘, but also on getting you great results with defined objectives, clear deliverables and a no non-sense transparent approach.


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Therefore, beyond having our own high standards and well considered professional working practices, we have multiple management styles depending on what you need or you demand from us.  That means we can be assertive in chasing down information or assets to get results, or we can be quite passive quietly delivering performance.


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Equally we can be as involved with your meetings and strategy as an extension of your in-house teams or we’ll happily work in the shadows engaging as you require. We’d say we are adaptable to get to results.


Our Mission Statement

To surpass the market norms & standards in pursuit of Marketing Excellence but beyond that deliver not only Excellence in Performance but an unmatched Consistency through coupling dynamic innovation with proven strategy.


Our Future Vision

To provide adaptable, tailored and fit for purpose Professional Marketing Solutions for every marketing budget from FTSE 100 companies to Sole Traders, whilst forging robust long-term relationships based on dependability, confidence and excellence.


About Us & Our Management

Founded back in 2014, Global Search Marketing have long been an established Premier Google Partner amassing an array of prestigious industry awards and recognition from Google themselves to trusted industry bodies such as Brighton SEO.

Our teams are all focused on delivery, delivery, delivery and results, results, results, because without Delivery & Results we cannot performance to the highest standards and provide the best returns consistently year after year.

Operating in functional disciplines is still our favoured approach but with regular internal cross team performance and growth meetings taking place to ensure a holistic and seamless management to capitalise on every opportunity to squeeze every last drop of ROI out of our campaigns.

We are also rather partial to a good catch up call and throwing some ideas around the room.


Our Awards & Industry Recognition

Who doesn’t mind a major pat on the back after months of hard graft and consistent industry beating performance? That’s exactly what our team deserve with the ROIs they’re achieving, so it’s no surprise we are regularly recognised by the leading industry Awards.

Behind all the pomp and ceremony of the Awards, there is a much more humble and reflective attitude from our teams, centred on a genuine appreciation for the client & industry recognition along with a quiet determination to get back in the mix for the following year.

The Awards do place a marker down for Global Search Marketing sitting at the top table of Marketing Agencies, not just in the UK but also across Europe for clients large and small alike.


Who We Work Alongside

Naturally we work extensively with Google, Microsoft, LinkedIn, Facebook and many other leading marketing platforms and Search Engines.

We also work in varying degrees with a whole host of companies, whether that in collaboration, or utilising specialised software & tools or within partnership programmes.

Below is a snap shot of these special partners/relationships.


Thought Leadership & Conferences

We take great pride in helping to shape the marketplace and evolution of Digital Marketing as a key influencer and knowledge base.

That’s why as Thought Leaders you’ll see us popping up at a variety of conferences and events as we share our valuable experience, ideas and innovations, but crucially we are also listening to colleagues and key decision makers across the full spectrum of industry verticals.

The engagement within the Digital Marketing Marketplace and across so many industry verticals means we’re right in the thick of marketing evolutions, innovations, systems, methods and strategic practices, giving our clients the best service delivery and guidance possible.


Exhibitions & Events

You’ll no doubt have seen our teams at various Exhibitions and Events all over the country.

These Exhibitions and Events are fantastic for our prospective clients to come have a chat and get a feel for how easy we are to work with as well as gauge how much knowledge & experience our teams have to offer. It’s also great for us, as we get to talk strategy for 2-3 days straight and meet so many people.

Watch out for our announcements for which exhibitions or events we’ll be attending in the near future. Remember you can get the same experience by simply calling us on our main telephone number and requesting a video chat. This allows you to have a face-to-face or multiple faces if you want multi-channel specialists involved, all done via Video Conferencing.