Granta Publications

Granta Publications

The Brief

Granta’s Senior Team set ambitious challenging targets to expand exposure of their branding and subscription campaigns across English speaking markets (predominately targeting Europe, Canada, US, Australia and New Zealand) within set monthly budgets.

This required a marketing strategy designed to increase highly relevant/quality visitor volumes to various subscription-landing pages and then convert these visitors to annual magazine subscribers within the defined cost per conversion parameters.

By considering the intricate nature of how the various marketing platforms interact positively, neutrally and negatively, we were able to meticulously plan a holistic macro strategy with micro strategies for individual search, display, remarketing and social media campaigns. 

This holistic macro strategy of jointly utilising multi-platforms each with their own micro strategies allowed for specific and focussed targeting of individuals with the desired demographic and geographic requirements leading to impressive conversion rates and cost per acquisition figures.

Working closely with Granta’s senior team provided valuable and detailed insights into their brand/model, products and goals/aspirations leading to an exciting & dynamic relationship and marketing campaign creating adverts and ad-campaigns matching Granta’s brand whilst importantly appealing to existing and potential customers. This ultimately allowed Global Search Marketing to meet and exceed Granta’s ambitious and challenging CPA targets.

In summary our multi-platform, macro and micro ‘Digital Marketing Strategies’ achieved significant increases in subscribers year-on-year by 175% and has changed the perception and importance of their broader and future marketing Digital Marketing Strategies.

What We Did

Our approach included a holistic-macro strategy which pulled together all the current aspects of Granta’s previous marketing along with some other services such as remarketing across multiple platforms, ran in unison and with a single set of goals. Rapidly responding to and highlighting areas of high or low performance, then sharing this intelligence in a holistic manner. This allowed for multiple campaigns to be managed in a singular manner, in which changes and opportunities could be rapidly capitalised upon, as well minimising wastage/overspend or creep on CPA costs.

What we did:

  • Understood the demographics and geographics of the readership and existing subscribers to identify our Customer Audience
  • Focused targeting and innovation across all campaigns to engage the customers identified in the Customer Audience.
  • Aggressively and rapidly applied controlled test budgets to singular campaigns, sometimes with inflated maximum CPA targets to ascertain performance within short periods
  • Feed back positive and negative responses
  • Applied the intelligence/opportunities across all campaigns

Note: Due to seasonal events or weekends, it was essential to be able to rapidly identify performance and apply the innovations/strategies across all campaigns to capitalise on periods able to produce significant highly relevant traffic.

By working closely with Granta on a more holistic approach, we were able to significantly boost their overall subscribers and maximise their return on investment. Traffic through to their website significantly increased (increasing 31.5% compared to before the new marketing strategy was implemented and 39.65% year on year).

The most significant increase came in returning visitors, with an increase of over 41% compared to before and after the strategy was implemented, showing that visitors were constantly returning to the site and engaging with their online content.


The Results

Evaluation and performance reviews with Granta’s Senior Team allowed for the Holistic Strategy and Micro Strategies to be continually assessed to gauge impact and identify new opportunities or seasonal trends to be exploited.

This was achieved working closely with Granta through weekly catch ups, transfer of data and detailed monthly reports. The effects of the holistic strategy was measured against the rate of subscriptions, CPA and on site performance.

As one of the oldest and most esteemed magazines in the world of literature and new writing (established originally in 1889), it was important to recognise and safeguard Granta’s brand in any advertisements, be that text, video or image formats. To achieve this safeguarding all our material and advertisements were verified and approved by Granta’s own dedicated marketing team. However, the process was refined and streamlined to allow for “within the hour” approvals to facilitate rapid implementation.

As a result of our marketing strategy and working relationship performance was impressive, with:

  • Growth year on year for overall visits improved by 39.65%.
  • Increased Paid search traffic by around 580.71%
  • Increased Social Media traffic by 123.54%.

As a result of these efforts to boost brand exposure and drive additional traffic to the site, we also saw:

  • An increase in direct traffic, up 42.14% year on year.
  • Interaction rates from Paid marketing remained strong year on year
  • Bounce Rate down 10.74% and Average time on site up 37.5%.

Driving additional traffic to the site was important, as was driving more and more traffic to the subscription pages. However, ensuring that visitors to these pages interacted with the content was also important. The interaction rate on the subscription pages increased significantly:

  • Bounce rate on these pages fell from 71.05% to 42.11%
  • Number of entrances to these pages increasing from 38 to 19,183

However, the overall measure of the performance for the marketing strategy came from the increase in the number of subscriptions Granta received against a targeted CPA.

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