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Why you need Remarketing Services

Our remarketing services are ideal for making the most of the existing interest in your products and services. Showing ads to customers who have already expressed an interest in your product makes perfect sense. The majority of eCommerce users do not convert on their first visit – you need to motivate them to return. Customers who have previously visited your site tend to spend more, as they have a higher brand and product recognition. This is why remarketing ads are highly successful way of increasing your conversions and ROI.

A web-based remarketing strategy will target users who have previously browsed your site. When a user has visited your site, a cookie will be installed on their browser. This will allow ad platforms to serve highly targeted ads that relate to your site, product or service. Other remarketing methods include email remarketing, social media, mobile apps, and dynamic remarketing. If you need further guidance, feel free to get in touch to discuss our remarketing services.

How can we help?

Our remarketing experts can place these adverts anywhere on the Google Display Network, meaning you can engage users across:

  • Display
  • Mobile
  • Social media

Our team of specialists can create remarketing ad campaigns to target engaged users who haven’t yet converted. Remarketing provides us with a powerful tool to get in front of potential customers. Your campaign can be as broad as getting your brand out there, to specific discounts and promotions to users who failed to checkout. We can also incentivise customer loyalty by targeting users who have already converted with unique offers.

To turn your past visitors into customers, get in touch and learn more about our remarketing services.


Methods & services Remarketing Ads

Website remarketing
Make the most of of every click with one of our targeted remarketing campaigns. Website remarketing captures the attention of users who have already visited your site as they browse the web. We use highly granular audience analysis to target your most valuable potential customers and deliver a rise in your conversion rate.
Social media remarketing
Many social media platforms offer highly customisable audience options – this makes them perfect for retargeting users.

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    Your Remarketing Questions Answered...

    Remarketing, or as it’s also known Retargeting, is a pay per click service, showcasing targeted text and display ads to those people who have already visited your website previously. The beauty of Remarketing is that the adverts can be tailored to the specific web pages on your website or show specific or related services or products to entice return visits.

    The technical description would be more like, utilising a javascript tag (known as a pixel) to place a cookie on visitor’s browsers, to allow the Remarketing adverts to trigger as they move around the internet

    Remarketing is as the name suggests a form of ‘re-marketing’ to those people who previously visited your website over a period of time. It is a very powerful form of marketing as those people whom have already visited you previously had showed interest in your services or products but for whatever reason did not convert. This could simply be because they were browsing and could buy in the future or because they were distracted before they could purchase or weren’t ready. Therefore it is often easier and more cost effective to entice these visitors back to the website than attract new ones.

    This is the power of PPC and Remarketing, and form an essential part of improved conversion rates and ROAS (Return of AdSpend).

    PPC – Remarketing Campaigns are often some of the highest returning Digital Marketing channels available to the Marketeer. Driving high ROI and brand loyalty. They give you multiple chances to sell to visitors that engaged well with your site previously. Remember Once they land on your site, the various Remarketing Pixels can be triggered, meaning your adverts ‘follow’ the user across platforms like Google and Facebook. Even if the user doesn’t click the advert, the adverts serve as a constant brand awareness tool.

    If you consider on average only say 2% of visitors convert on their first visit, the importance of chasing down the other 98% is clear.

    Unless you are purist, we would not concern yourselves about the difference between Remarketing and Retargeting, plus Google doesn’t differentiate and that’s normally the go to standard. That said, Remarketing tends to be more Email focused and Re-Targeting is more Display Ad. However, as said, we’d roll it all under Remarketing.

    Remarketing costs, like all PPC services vary depending on the marketing and competition. However, as a rule of thumb remarketing is normally circa 10% to 40% the cost of attracting the visitor via PPC Search Ads. So if your Search Ad is say, £3, you’d probably pay 30-50 pence if the user clicks the remarketing ad. Note, the user could see your remarketing ads over and over for a period of time and it not cost you a penny building brand awareness and credibility.

    Note: Remarketing is not an alternative to other PPC services, it works alongside to improve conversions. In short the Search Ads attract the new users, of which maybe 2% convert on their first visit and Remarketing chases down the other 98% and can be used to target those that did convert for second or third sales.

    • Target the 1-5% of visitors that convert on their first visit to encourage repeat visits and conversions.
    • Target the 98% of visitors that did not convert but engaged with the site in various ways from time on site, to engagement on certain pages.
    • Capitalise on the brand awareness generated by the repeat visibility of your brand.


    Well strictly speaking there are 5 types of Remarketing and we’re sure they’ll be more and more over time as PPC technology and services evolve.

    • Standard Remarketing
    • Dynamic Remarketing
    • Remarketing Lists for Search Ads
    • Video Remarketing
    • Email Remarketing


    • Standard Remarketing


    Standard Remarketing showcases Display Ads to people that visited your website previously across different websites that use the Google Display Network and various social media sites like Facebook.


    • Dynamic Remarketing


    Dynamic Remarketing showcases tailored ads to previous website visitors based on their browsing behaviour. For example if they looked at a specific service or product. This type of remarketing increasing the chance of the visitor returning to your website and converting having showed interest previously.


    • Remarketing Lists for Search Ads


    Remarketing lists for Search Ads is a service available on Google Ads and allows for search ads to be specifically tailored to your previous website visitors. The Search Network allows for Ads to have tailored bids and for adverts.


    • Video Remarketing


    Video Remarketing, is similar to the other types of Remarketing, in that it shows videos to previous website visitors and these can be highly tailored.


    • Email Remarketing


    Email Remarketing, is similar to the other types of Remarketing, only you’re taking the customer information you already have and are utilising it to send a relevant email. Ecommerce companies find this very useful to encourage return visits.

    A pixel is a piece of JavaScript code (developer code) that allows for data about the user to be gathered. E.g. what are they browsing or what ads they click on. The pixel triggers a cookie on your users browser.

    This is how the pixel and cookie work:

    1. A user visits your website, clicks on certain pages and engages with your site, then leaves. This is valuable information. For example, your user looks at a pair of black boots and adds them to the basket, then leaves without buying.
    2. The pixel has recorded your users behaviour (which boots they looked at and that they nearly purchased) and triggers a cookie on their browser storing this data. The cookie communicates with the ad platforms for allowing for specific and relevant Ads to be shown to the user.
    3. Now the user is browsing their Facebook account or is checking the football scores on various site or reading the latest news site when they are now shown relevant adverts, like the exact pair of black boots.

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