Not getting a high enough return from your Adwords budget? Our award-winning team of experts is ready to help you take the next step to deliver better PPC performance. They’ll talk you through how you can improve aspects of your campaigns including:

  • Spend – (How much of your ad spend is being wasted?)
  • CTR – (Don’t lose valuable traffic to competitors. We’ll give advice on how to improve your CTR)
  • Ad text optimisation – (Ad text can make or break an ad’s performance. Don’t lose out on valuable impressions and clicks)
  • Landing pages– (We’ll optimise your landing pages with targeted messaging that is hard-hitting)

    How does the Audit work?

    After an initial phone call to talk to you about your business and what you’re currently doing, we’ll take a look at the platforms you’re using for your PPC campaigns. Whether it’s Adwords, Bing Ads, LinkedIn Advertising, or anything else we’ll take a look at what you’re doing and how you can improve performance.

     From audience targeting, negative key terms, and right up to whether or not the latest strategies and technologies are an appropriate choice for your business, we’ll talk through everything we find in a phone call arranged to your convenience, so you can get an understanding of exactly what needs to happen to improve your PPC performance. 

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