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Why You Need Outreach & Digital PR Services

Digital PR is integral to growing your credibility and search visibility. Our specialists are experts in creating inspiring, shareable and original content around your brand. Whatever your business, digital PR is key for positioning you as a thought leader and getting your brand talked about in all the right places.

Outreach and digital PR put your brand’s message at the centre stage of your online presence while improving your backlink profile. The beauty of this channel is that it combines tried and trusted outreach and PR methods with incisive digital analysis.

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Our digital PR specialists bring together strategic communications and creative content marketing to give you measurable online success.

Methods & services Outreach & Digital PR

Every company has a story to tell. We’re experts in understanding brands and will make sure your voice is heard online. We identify core topics and stories about your business to ensure that your content has a strategic objective and underlying message.
Editorial creation
We specialise in creating unique and innovative editorial pieces that reflect your company goals and ethos. Our editorial team will make sure we get the word out about the most exciting aspects of your business by creating newsworthy, shareable content for use on the most popular sites in your field.
Media relationship management
We pride ourselves in building strong relationships with journalists & bloggers so that they feel as passionate about your mission as you do. Our network of high-end online publications will guarantee you exposure with your industry’s thought-leaders. Aligning yourself with the right media outlets is crucial to boosting your brand equity.

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    1. What is Outreach & Digital PR?

    Outreach and Digital PR are in a sense the same thing, only Digital PR is a higher standard of articles on the most prestigious websites, as opposed to outreach which albeit is often still a mid-high standard can be anything from a local blogger to industry relevant websites.

    They are both a form of backlinking, which means obtaining high quality in-content links from other 3rd party websites that are highly relevant and have high site authorities. Search Engines like Google use assess these backlinks in terms of volume and quality to form a profile of how relevant you are for certain search queries that users are seeking. The more relevant the higher the ranking positions.

    Thus the challenge to your PPC Agency is to seek out the most relevant and highest quality sites to place high value articles with a link your website. However, there is a balancing act in terms of volume and quality of links, within your budget.

    For example, a single article placed could cost £1500, whereas two articles placed £750 each could jointly provide more link juice and thus be more preferable and better value for money.

    As a rule of thumb the more impressive the link profile, the higher your website authority, the higher your ranking positions.

    Our Outreach and Digital PR specialists, can provide the content writing experience to create your articles or they can utilise your own existing articles. Which they then research and source the best website to place your articles and coordinate to have the placement confirmed and actioned.

    Blogger Outreach utilises the rapidly growing network of Bloggers, whom have established website that range from low level relevant and site authorities to high-end bloggers that are highly influential and relevant. Depending on your market place, the competition and your current rankings, our SEO Teams will assess the quality of Blogger that will provide the maximum level of impact to your rankings. For example, if you are a local Car Bodyshop, our SEO team may select a variety of mid-level car repair bloggers or classic car bloggers or Car restoration bloggers which are relevant and liaise to have a relevant articles written which references Car Bodyshop with a link to your website. These all build your link profile and increase your site authority.

    Firstly a DA or Domain Authority is just a metric used by MOZ a prominent SEO tool provider for SEO agencies and organisations with in-house teams. As Google closely guard and are constantly changing how their algorithms assess rankings, organisations such as MOZ try to create their own tools to mirror Google. One such metric is your site DA.

    A MOZ DA can range from 0-100, with most new or lower quality sites registering 0-20 DAs and more established or quality sites registering a DA of 30-50. Beyond 50 tend to be the most recognising and established websites. For example Halford at the point of writing this has a DA of 60 and John Lewis 67.

    What is more important is evaluating the DA of your competition as one metric you seek to improve and better.

    There are various tools available to check a website DA. Alternatively contact our SEO team whom can assist you. Contact Us.

    This is almost impossible to answer, as there are too many variables that apply. We have had one client recently increase their Domain Authority from DA10 to DA15 within 3 months, but this involved a reasonable investment in our Outreach Service. If you are seeking an improvement from 35 to 40 for example this could take 6-12month or more, depending on your budget.

    Speak with our SEO team today to quickly review your rankings, DA and budgets, to assess the speed our Outreach could work for you. Contact Us.

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