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Technical SEO Services

Why you need Technical SEO Services

The world of technical SEO is complex and ever-changing, which is why you need to come to us for help. We will ensure that your website is kept up-to-date in order to avoid having your website penalised by Google. Not only this, but we will also ensure that your goals are met on schedule and on budget. Our technical SEO team works tirelessly to pave the way to your success, using a combination of strategic thinking, technical audits, and proper planning to ensure that we deliver you the results you desire. Your current webpages will be optimised according to Google’s regulations and new pages will be created in order target new keyterms and bring more traffic to your site. After working with us for a few months, you will notice healthier sales and improved revenue all thanks to our bespoke technical SEO strategies. We focus on setting clear milestones and measurables so that you can track progress at a quick glance.

From the get-go, our SEO team will work closely with you to ensure that we are working towards your business goals which is why our technical SEO audit services are always bespoke.

If your website is having performance issues, it is vital that you act fast to get your business back on track. The longer you wait, the longer it will take for you to see the results you desire. You should work with a top SEO agency to help you manage your marketing. Global Search Marketing is fully-experienced so we will give your business the best chance of success. A talented SEO manager makes a world of difference on your website’s digital performance; don’t be invisible in the online world, and come to us for guidance.


  • Scale your website to target a broad range of keyterms.
  • Improve the SEO quality of your webpages to push your website to rank higher on Google.
  • Improve page speed as per Google’s guidelines.
  • Build a solid backlink profile, increasing your business’ web authority.
  • SEO-driven content that generates interest.
  • Focus on your top performing products and services direct traffic to these areas.

Need technical SEO services? Get in touch with Global Search Marketing to find out just how much we can boost your website. We will create a strategy unique to your business that targets the key areas of your site. Want to drive more traffic to certain products or services? Global Search Marketing can do just that! SEO is a great way to get a continuous flow of traffic without needing to spend money every month on ads. We can help with everything you might need, from site speed audits to creating unique, optimised meta descriptions on each page. Let us help you create and optimise your website’s technical SEO.

Methods & Services | SEO

Optimised content creation
Our content team conducts sitewide optimisation to ensure that your content can boost traffic as well as drive conversions. Our SEO content writing services encompass all text on your site. We can work to maximise the SEO potential of any on-site pages including:
  • Product pages
  • Service pages
  • White papers
  • About us & contact pages
Technical audits
We begin with a technical audit to identify how effectively Google is able to search, crawl & index your pages. This audit provides the blueprint for our SEO strategy and indicates how relevant and successful different SEO tactics will be for bolstering your search rankings.
Monitoring & optimisation
SEO is ever-evolving so our team takes a dynamic approach to monitoring and optimising your website. We work continuously to ensure that you reach and maintain a top search engine ranking to promote consistent online growth. Our friendly team will keep you posted on your progress with a steady stream of updates and reports.
Local SEO
Make your brand known in the local area with the help of bespoke local SEO campaigns. We combine a variety of modern techniques to implement both creative and technical to your website. We will target local keyterms so that you can rank high in even the most competitive industries. Take your business to the next level with help from our SEO management services.
International SEO
Our team of experts ensure the search engines can both crawl and understand the content of your website, so that you can maximise your website visibility across the globe. Every part of our strategy is backed by research and data, whether that’s language targeting or website localisation. We carefully consider everything under the scope of international SEO, including, language, time zone, currency, in addition to website layout and design.
Google My Business
With proper optimisation, your Google My Business Profile will stand out from competitors and get you the clicks your business needs. Google search is where customers go to find your services, find out your opening times, and get in touch.
Conversion Rate Optimisation
Getting visitors to your website is meaningless if they don’t convert. A high bounce rate can be a source of frustration whether you’re focusing on PPC or SEO. We offer conversion rate optimisation services as part of our SEO package to convert a greater percentage of your site visitors into real customers.

The basics of our technical SEO services

If you need technical SEO auditing services, look no further than Global Search Marketing. We will help get your website up to Google’s standard and push it to rank higher for your target keywords. This in turn will ensure that your brand’s message is broadcast to as many people as possible. We will define goals and set strategies to get your website in good working order, as this is what Google values highly when it comes to SEO. The power of good technical SEO cannot be understated and must be prioritised when it comes to maintaining your website.

Our SEO strategies and project plans are always designed with your individual needs in mind; no matter whether you’re head of marketing in a huge organisation, or whether you’re launching a new start-up. To start off, we will analyse the current situation of your website, analysing page errors, metadata errors, backlink profile, sitemap, robots.txt as well as your disavow file. We will use this data to provide you with a solid strategy from the get go. We will then implement all of our recommendations in order to boost your SEO and website performance!

Our technical SEO experts will improve key areas of your website so that your whole site can rank higher on Google. Working on your webpages in accordance with best practise will ensure that you get the swift results you desire. Choose an SEO agency that can give you a highly informed SEO audit and contact us for technical SEO services.

How can we help?

As a premier technical SEO agency, we will ensure that a poorly optimised website doesn’t stand in the way of a conversion. Our technical SEO services are among the UK’s best and we’re always incorporating new SEO techniques into our strategies. We use a dynamic blend of granular, strategic and detailed campaign approaches to identify the best way to optimise your website according to Google’s standards. Don’t be left in the dust by competitors and let us audit your website and find out what is holding your business back. Get in touch for expert technical SEO services.

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