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What can Social Media Management Achieve

3 Hours

How Long People Spend on Social Media a Day


People who use Social media when making a purchase

45 million

The Number of Social Media Users in the UK

Up to 10%

Improvement to Lead Generation

The Digital Marketing Agency Delivering Results

The world of social media marketing is every changing everyday, therefore it is vital that you choose a social media agency in Birmingham that can keep up with industry trends. Our social media teams are always ahead of the competition, no matter which platform you want to use to market your brand. Your social media strategy will be dynamic, and never stale. Each business is unique and so are our strategies; we will create a bespoke social media plan for your business.

Our Birmingham social media experts will work with you to set goals that we can work towards. This will ensure that both parties are on the same page before we begin. Every action that we take will help you achieve your overall business objectives, so you can trust that the recommendations we make will deliver the results you need. No matter your goals, increasing engagement on Instagram, or increasing the amount of traffic to your website from social platforms, our award-winning Birmingham social media agency will push you in the right direction.

We have a vast range of experience, and we can create a strategy for you business, no matter your size or niche. No matter whether you’re a small business, SME or an international corporation in the fortune 500, we are well placed to provide digital marketing services across a wide range of industries and markets.

European Search Awards 2020 Finalists

Taking on the best of the Europe’s Elite Social Media Agencies in 2020

We’re incredibly proud of our team at GSM, its a fantastic feeling to have such recognition from the leading Digital bodies in the industry.

Why Trust your Social Media Profile to Us ….

Put simply, it all boils down to performance. Every year our clients see impressive year on year growth across their their social media platforms, which translates into a bigger brand awareness. Our goal is to reach exceptional levels of client satisfaction, no matter your goals. Whether they’re focused solely on generating traffic from Birmingham, driving footfall to a physical location or building up an international audience, you know that they’re getting some of the best advice available in the UK.

Our social media management outlines clear strategies that align with business objectives in ways that can be easily understood. This clearly shows the value of the actions that are being taken so everyone in your business can understand what’s happening and what impact it will have.

One of the biggest reasons our clients stick with us is because our social media marketing teams focus on communications and approachability. We take calls from clients every single day where we’re answering questions, going through data or providing general updates to the strategy. You can rest easy knowing that we’ll always be willing to answer any questions you might have.

Our Social Media Services:

Social Media Strategy Development
Different types of businesses need a different approach on social media. We create a bespoke social media strategy that allows you to engage your audience and build a community.
Facebook Management
Reach your audience on the biggest social media platform in the world. Grow your community by sharing content and reaching out.
LinkedIn Management
Looking to reach a professional audience? Then you need to ensure you have high quality engaging posts on LinkedIn.
Twitter Management
Make sure you’re part of the conversation and stay active on the fastest moving social media platform.
Pinterest Management
Open up new ways for your content to be shared and tap into the existing communities on Pinterest to grow your brand awareness.

Leading the way

Premier Google Partners

We have been one of the most decorated and highest performing Premier Partners in Birmingham for many years and look forward to out performing last year.

Premier Google Partner - Global Search Marketing - PPC & SEO Agency Birmingham

Conference Speakers

Brighton SEO

You’ll have seen us at Brighton SEO speaking and no doubt at other SEO Conferences. Our team not only present and share our expertise but equally engage to increase our own knowledge. Come across and speak to the team at any conference

Steve Brighton SEO - SEO Agency

How our Digital Marketing Management works

Our social media strategies are bespoke, which means that they are tailored for your business’ needs and goals. We can work with business of all shapes and sizes, across every sector and industry. No matter whether you’re running a family business or an international corporation, we’re able to provide you with a unique service. What this strategy looks like is dependent on your business goals, and if you’re not sure what those goals are, we’re happy to work with you to identify and set them.

Once we’ve established goals that we can work towards, our Birmingham-based social media team will look to create a posting schedule that targets exactly when your audience is most active. We will find this out by looking at your audience demographics, as well as with competitor research. We will also create content that is likely to incite engagement among your audience. We will constantly look to improve this strategy if we find that one thing works better than another. No matter what you need help with, whether that’s re-structuring your profiles, growing your audience, or increasing sales we can help!

In addition to all this, you will be kept up to date regularly with your account manager, who will update you on your social media accounts as well as end of month reviews, which will highlight the level of work that’s been completed each month. The impact of our work will be made clear to you, and this will help us build upon our strategies to drive better performance.

As one of Birmingham’s leading social media agencies, we understand the importance of nurturing your target audience with a meaningful and engaging posts. Don’t be left in the dust by competitors and let us analyse, refine and test your profiles to get you the results you need.

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Arrow Account Rebuild, Restructure or Optimisation

Arrow Formulate Ad Text, Ad Creatives and Ad Videos

Arrow Set Match Types & Keyword targeting

Arrow Set Geo-Targeting & Socio-Demographics

Arrow Establish & Implement Remarketing Strategy

Arrow Continuous Improvement and Refinement

Our Birmingham Office Offers:

Free Audit and Review Ask our Digital Marketing Experts

Our digital marketing specialists will happily offer you a free social media audit to ascertain your strengths, weaknesses and opportunities. More often and not, it doesn’t take long to pin point why a social media account has underperformed, and provide a clear plan of recovery.

Typically our teams will provide a live, onscreen walk through your account, which for most clients is a real eye opener to what has been done or often hasn’t been done historically.

This provides a wonderful opportunity to ask questions live and for the teams to provide examples or simply show you how.

We often say there are no hiding places when it comes to digital marketing audits, that said we are cautious not to scaremonger when an account is relatively well structured and managed.

In some audits ,we’ve ended up giving clients the thumbs up on their current agency, which speaks volume for our style and integrity. Our team tailor these audits and reviews to whatever level you require from layman’s terms to advanced.

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    Your Social Media Marketing Questions Answered...

    Yes. Social Media Management involves us posting on your social media profiles, however, your audience won’t be able to tell that we are posting in your stead.

    We will work to your KPIs, so this will depend on your goals. If you are aiming to drive more traffic to your site from social, we can tell you exactly how many times someone from your social media page visited your site. Alternatively, if your aim is for all your social profiles to look clean and up-to-date, then you will be able to see from a glance.

    As long as your customers have a presence online, we maintain that you can be successful on social media. We’ve worked with all kinds of businesses, no matter whether you’re eCommerce, B2B or B2C, we can create a bespoke strategy that gets you the results you desire.

    Yes – our contracts are typically setup to provide you with a trial term of 3-months. This provides clients with the confidence that they are not locked into long term contracts until results are demonstrated.

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