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Regardless of where you are on your social media journey, our social media audit can help elevate you to the next level. Our social media audits focus on areas such as:


  • Standardised messaging – (There’s so much to keep in mind – your profile photo, bio, site links, pinned posts & more. Are you putting your best foot forwards on social media?)
  • Demographics – (Which of your posts does your audience love the most? We’ll check this for you and give recommendations on future content.)
  • Calculate ROI – (It’s Time vs. Money. Have your efforts borne fruit?)
  • Sponsored posts – (If you’re not making use of promoted posts, you could be missing out on so many potential followers of your brand.)

Sign up for your free social media audit today and one of our experts will be in touch to arrange a call with you.


How does our social media audit work?

In order to complete out social media audit we’ll need access to your analytics and (ideally) your social media profiles. Once we have that we’ll follow our 6 stage process:

Stage 1: Introductory Phone Call

Our specialists will get in touch to arrange a phone call with you so we can learn about your business.

Stage 2: Define your target audience

Social media is about finding your audience where they’re active, so we’ll work with you to define a target audience that we can look for online.

Stage 3: Social Media Profile Reviews

We’ll review your social media profiles that you already have set up and give you ways you can improve them.

Stage 4: Finding your audience

We’ll build a plan that will allow you to target your audience in the most effective way.

Stage 5: Discussing our findings

We’ll talk you through our findings as well as going through the actionable items we develop from the audit.

Stage 6: The Final Report

We’ll give you a handy report which outlines everything we discussed.

Sign up for your free social media audit today and one of our experts will be in touch to arrange a call with you.

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