1st Class Web Design – Crafted with Purpose

More often that not todays Web Developers are turning out attractive looking websites, unfortunately the vast majority lack the fundamental criteria required for Search Engine recognition i.e. Google and Bing. Typically showing little or no consideration for the importance of high-quality Digital Marketing functionality, resulting in poor Conversion Rates and Conversion Tracking. These mistakes are significantly more costly than often the original build in terms and incur on-going corrections and lost income… Global Search Marketing’s Website developers build websites with only one purpose to maximise sales through expert conversion optimisation and Google & Bing optimisation.

Web Design Cannot Exist without Digital Marketing

A world in which Website design can exist without specialist digital marketing support no longer exists and customers are turning to digital marketing agencies to correct the mistakes of Website designers without the necessary skills to perform in the modern world of e-commerce or e-services…Global Search Marketing developers have been schooled by the best minds in Digital Marketing, whom incidentally sit just meters away in the same office.As an award winning Google Premier Partner, you just cannot get a better combination to achieve the best website design and implementation, created from inception to achieve performance, performance, performance…

Our Web Development Services

  • 1. Custom Websites

    In order to be successful on today’s Web, a company needs an effective presence.

    First impressions count. When a potential customer visits your site they will be evaluating how professional, responsive and secure it is. If these boxes are not ticked then they will visit a competitor instead.

    Global Search Marketing Ltd can create a look and feel customised to your needs, whether the site is being created from scratch or needs a revamp.

  • 2. WordPress Websites

    Your first step to establishing a Web presence, WordPress is a widely-used CMS that allows you to edit your own website through a user-friendly interface.

  • 3. WooCommerce Websites

    If you want to sell online then WooCommerce is a popular way of adding e-commerce functionality to WordPress sites. It supports many Payment Gateways, including PayPal and SagePay.

    This solution is perfect for small businesses.

  • 4. Magento®Websites

    For more complex e-commerce requirements Magento® has established itself as a popular choice.

    As well as allowing easy creation and editing of your site and product-related information, it can also be extended in numerous ways to support more individual business needs.

  • 5. Bespoke Solutions

    At Global Search Marketing Ltd, we not only provide widely-used solutions such as WordPress and Magento®, we also create bespoke solutions.

    A bespoke solution will give you the most flexibility in terms of layout, visuals and features, it will also best support less common requirements and perfectly complements our SEO offering.

    Bespoke solutions will allow you to stand out from the crowd, creating a unique presence that supports your company goals in the most effective way. New features can be added as required.

  • 6. Maintenance & Management

    You may not have the time or confidence to manage your website effectively. We can provide you with ongoing maintenance and management to keep your site running smoothly and securely.

  • 7. Hosting Services

    Having your site hosted on reliable, secure servers is critical to the site’s success.

    Global Search Marketing Ltd can take care of the hosting for you using UK-based servers.

  • 8. Healthcheck

    We can give your site a HealthCheck. We will be able to provide you with a summary of our findings and recommended improvements in areas such as page loading speed and Search Engine Optimisation ( SEO ).

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