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5 Ways PPC advertising can transform your online presence

Friday, January 8th, 2021
Written by Content Team

In an increasingly crowded online marketplace, it can feel like a greater challenge than ever to reach the right audiences and drive clicks and traffic to your website. That’s where PPC comes in. 

Experts recommend that an aggressive PPC campaign is the best place to start when it comes to growing your business online.  We’ve outlined exactly how PPC can help you reach new audiences and benefit your bottom line. 

What are the benefits of PPC for your business? 

Regardless of the nature of your business, PPC advertising offers the following benefits:  

1. Enjoy wider brand exposure

Whatever the size of your business, PPC permits you to enjoy widespread brand exposure across a range of channels. When you utilize keywords relevant to your specific sector, users searching for those keywords will see your ads. This can lead to a significant increase in awareness of your brand. 

If you’re business is still establishing itself in the online sphere, PPC allows you to gain recognition with a substantial audience quickly. 

2. Target the right audience

Unlike other digital marketing routes, PPC allows you to very precisely target your audience. You can determine exactly who gets to see your ads based on their location, age, gender, interests and psychographic traits such as their online behavioural patterns. You can also set the exact keywords, dates and times that will trigger your ads to be shown. 

Correctly profiling your audience and pinpointing your buyer persona is step 1 in any successful marketing strategy for a reason. By giving you precise control over exactly who gets to see (and click) your ads, PPC allows to you to select target audiences who are highly likely to convert. This means that you don’t waste money on ads that won’t deliver results. 

3. Boost your ROI

While PPC does require investment in advertising, time and time again the end more than justifies the means. Because of the precise audience targeting, your cost-per-click (that is, the amount you spend every time someone clicks one of your ads) is relatively low. 

The significant increase in brand awareness and click engagement more often than not leads to an incredibly positive ROI. 

4.  Get fast results

One of the most appealing things about PPC is how rapidly its results take effect. It’s natural to be eager to see results when you start a new marketing campaign and, fortunately, with PPC impatience is a virtue. 

You can enjoy an incredibly quick turnaround with a well-planned PPC campaign. 

5. Learn from your data

PPC campaigns allow you to set clear and measurable targets, meaning you can accurately gauge the success of each campaign. Using tools such as Google Analytics, you can learn from all the data gathered during your PPC campaign and evaluate which aspects of your campaign were the most successful. Did you achieve your KPIs? Was the customer journey what you expected? Did all of your PPC channels perform as well as you expected? The answers to these questions will guide the basis for your PPC strategy going forward. 

For more advice on building a PPC campaign that drives results, get in touch with a team of PPC specialists.