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Our E-commerce clients love us and for good reason!

We deliver the best E-commerce strategies and campaigns! Our E-commerce clients love us and for good reason!

Global Search Marketing is an award winning digital marketing agency that specialises in shopping ads to help boost your business’ sales, based in our offices in Birmingham, London and Manchester.

Explore various opportunities to enhance your shopping ads to increase your sales revenue from your ecommerce business.

As one of the UK’s top 1% of Marketing Agencies for performance & growth, our shopping ads specialists use their expertise and vast expertise to deliver the maximum performance across all of our shopping ads channels.

We specialise in delivering:

  • Increasing Revenue
  • Increasing Profitability
  • Reduced Ad Spending

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Strategies For Shopping Ads

What can our Shopping Ads Deliver?

Working with Global Search Marketing allows you to take advantage of our specialist knowledge and expertise across all of the shopping ads channels, focused strategies delivering performance and maximising opportunities.

Increase Brand Awareness

Shopping ads from PPC and SEO are designed to get your brand out there to improve brand recognition therefore improving trust and repeat purchases.

Increase Sales Revenue

The main aim of running shopping ads is to increase the sales revenue from your ecommerce website. Increase your revenue with our ads.

Increased Profitability

Possibly the least understood performance metric. Clear forecasts and considered management can improve the profitability of your business.

Reduced Ad Spend

Improving your campaign strategy and management to reduce the amount you spend on ads while still returning an increase in ROAS.

Online Shopping Ads – Who Works With Us?

In marketing, Performance is clear to see and exceptional performance isn’t about winning awards. It’s about retaining Clients and together delivering their commercial goals and objectives year after year. This is why Global Search Marketing have such impressive retention stats and such a diverse client base. Learn more about our happy clients.

  • Healthy Supplies – Online Retailer

    Our SEO solutions led Healthy Supplies to increasing their organic revenue by 255% year-on-year as well as boosting their revenue by 277%.

  • JeanStore – Online Retailer

    Our PPC campaign management saw Jean store Triple their average order and increases sales by over 500%.

  • MicroScooters – Online Retailer

    Our PPC solutions helped Micro Scooters drive sales and dominate a competitive eCommerce marketplace.

  • Ovusense – Online Retailer

    Our long-term PPC campaign helped Ovusense boost their brand exposure, traffic and – most importantly – their ROI.

  • – Online Retailer

    Consistent PPC Performance for 5years+, with year on year Revenue Increase.

  • Chemist Direct – Online Pharmacy

    By optimising for Expertise, Authority and Trust, after being hit by the Google Medic Update, we were able to increase sales by 62%.

Multi-Channel Strategies

Shopping ads from different channels including PPC and SEO work collectively to increase the revenue from your business in ever changing conditions.

Our shopping ads experts will configure the optimum combination of digital channels, budgets and resources for the biggest return on your investment.

Part of this process includes the correct implementation of tracking and data collection, this helps to improve the campaign performance and decision making. Additional plugins or custom programming can be implemented to further improve performance.

Our shopping ads are continually being improved to increase traffic, engagement and revenue. The team will monitor your ads for areas where these improvements can be made and make suggestions should the need arise.

Key Deliverables

Some typical objectives our specialists deliver are:

  • Improved CPA
  • Improved Basket Value
  • Reduced Cost Per Click
  • Improved Conversions / Conversion Tracking
  • Improved ROI / ROAS
  • Improved Revenue / Profitability
  • Improved Return Visitor Rate / Return Purchases
  • Enhanced Reporting & Forecasting Performance

Our Shopping Ads Services

Our shopping ads services are founded on your objectives and budgets as well as the competition within your marketplace. Our team is on hand to suggest a shopping ads package for you which will deliver results and sales.

  • Shopping – PPC Ads Management

    Generate sales for your Ecommerce business through PPC shopping ads.

  • Shopping – SEO Management

    Generate sales for your Ecommerce business organically.

  • Shopping – Product Feed Management

    Demanding Better ROAS? Then Demand It ! We deliver PPC performance where others fail and we deliver it rapidly.

  • Shopping – CSS Management

    Demanding Better ROAS? Then Demand It ! We deliver PPC performance where others fail and we deliver it rapidly.

  • Shopping Audits

    Identify areas of your shopping ads campaign where improvements can be made.

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