Who We Are



We provide REAL GROWTH to UK COMPANIES across all our digital channels, with leading strategy, cutting edge innovation and most importantly with incredible client-agency relationships.

Our clients range from small to large, domestic to international, and e-commerce to service providers, we have expertise in all sorts of industries.

That doesn’t mean we aren’t highly competitive on our pricing.


Every Marketing Agency has a different management style, we prefer to be dynamic in our approach to match our client’s style.

Whether you are a highly technical client requiring detailed feedback and direct engagement, or whether you are a client that sets an ambitious target and requires we deliver it with minimum engagement, we adapt to deliver our service as you desire.

We can work seamlessly as if part of your own organisation as your marketing team, or integrate with your current teams and 3rd party providers. All that matters to us are achieving your results and driving your income!


Every marketing agency is an echo of their founders and we are no different. Our three Company Directors are always focused on success and delivering management objectives.

Their extensive commercial and marketing knowledge and experience is second to none and we have an equally impressive & knowledgeable senior Management team.


Launching any marketing campaign without having carefully considering your commercial goals and establishing clear targets often leads to significant budget waste and performance failings.

Our teams work to a proven methodology to achieve successful outcomes time and time again. Listening to our clients and guiding using our vast experience as required.


Global Search Marketing’s culture includes everything from our management style, to our approach to building clients relationship to our determination to succeed and be winner.

Above all else we are here to serve our clients but we do this enjoying every moment, every challenge and every success. If we don’t get the results we don’t linger on it, we get stuck straight into fixing it with our clients.


We are proud of the recognition our teams receive for their exceptional performance and dedication to our client’s results.

From Google’s impressive opinions of Global Search Marketing for performance and style, to annual industry awards and of course the recognition we really enjoy from our clients.


Keeping ourselves at the forefront of Digital Innovation is an absolute commitment shared throughout our teams and this forward thinking echoes through to our management and strategies.

Applying our ‘tried & tested’ strategies and with a host of leading innovations and technologies.


Our expertise can be seen with our invitations to guest present or co-host industry events and conferences across the UK, sharing our strategies and latest thinking on the future of Digital Marketing.

Importantly these allow us to engage with even more industries and increasing our knowledge further


Choosing the right Agency to work for is important for the quality and variety of the experience and development you’ll receive.

At Global Search Marketing we take great pride in our training and development opportunities we can offer candidates and range of digital specialisms

A Decade of History

Our Beginnings

Founded back in 2014, Global Search Marketing (now better known as Global Search Marketing) have long been an established as one of the original Premier Google Partners amassing an array of prestigious industry awards and glowing recognition, from Google themselves to trusted industry bodies such as Brighton SEO.

Our Founders

Our founders brought together their marketing and commercial experience to form the company to bridge the gap between the old school Traditional Agencies left behind by the digital surge and the new somewhat quirky Digital Agencies.

One of the Top 1% of agencies in the UK

As Premier Google Partners, Facebook Partners, SEM Rush Partners and Bing Partners we’re one of a handful of agencies that are trusted by the big online platforms.

Our partnerships allow us to stay ahead of the competition and provide you with all of the latest approaches and technology that will deliver the results you’re after.

PPC & SEO Experts

As specialists in both E-commerce and Lead Generation we’re able to provide meaningful benefits for almost every organisation.

With award-winning campaigns under our belt, we’re ideally positioned to use our wide range of knowledge and experience to help you improve your websites performance regardless of what you’re trying to achieve.

Want to know more?

Contact us and we’ll gladly reminisce and tell some tales