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Improve brand awareness & generate backlinks to improve your Google rankings.

What is Digital PR?

Digital PR encompasses many different elements. From outreach of content (to generate backlinks) to writing press releases and managing social media platforms there is a wide variety of services that go hand in hand when you’re looking to make yourself more visible online.

Businesses of all sizes and types struggle with generating backlinks and getting their name out there online, which is why our specialist teams are here to help. From the first consultation, all the way up to implementing the strategy that’s been developed we’ll be with you to guide and shape how you can use digital PR to help meet your business objectives.

All our clients benefit from a unique strategy that’s based on their needs and the audience they want to target. Sometimes a business needs to go heavy on generating backlinks for referral traffic, other times they need to go hard on social media because that’s the best way to reach their audience. Whatever your needs our team of experts is ready to craft you a unique strategy that delivers on your strategic objectives.

The Power of

Digital PR

Increased Brand Awareness

Considered & Improved targeting of your audience with high quality content will increase your brand presence and recognition

Increased Audience Engagement

Providing your target audience with highly relevant and interesting content will encourage engagement and actions

Significant SEO Ranking Gains

For every piece of relevant content, well placed on relevant media outlets, there will be a Backlink created with SEO gain

Our Digital PR Services

  • Blogger Outreach

    We find industry relevant websites and publishers that are high quality and engage with them to create and host content that will link back to your website providing you with increased brand awareness and improved SEO rankings.

  • Targeted Outreach

    Strategically considered content placements on high value media sites & with high profile influencers. The relevance and quality of the placements provides improved audience targeting and significantly improved backlink quality for SEO gains.

  • Review Strategy and Management

    Get help generating the reviews that will persuade people to purchase from you. From strategy, implementation and day to day management we’re ready to help!

  • N.A.P Optimisation

    Accurate contact details for your business are an essential way to present yourself as a trustworthy organisation to Google. Our N.A.P. optimisation aims to audit and provide you with up to date entries.

  • Brand Awareness

Our Digital PR specialists have built networks with journalists, bloggers and influencers to circulate online content & press releases targeting custom audiences to generate Brand Awareness for your Business.

  • SEO Ranking Gains

Our Digital PR campaigns develop high-quality backlinks, social media engagements that all contribute to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) improvements, which in turn significantly increase your Google Rankings.

B2C Lead Generation

  • Increased Organic Traffic by 200%+
  • Achieved P1 to P3 Ranking across 90% of targeted keywords

With the primary objective to achieve P1-P3 rankings in the 8 regions across multiple local Google SERPs (eg: Google Germany, Google UK, Google France), a sizeable series of campaigns, we were also charged with improving the Digital PR and Back-link profiles.


Increasing Leads By 13x

Through Digital PR we were able to significantly increase the number of leads generated through the Simply Thatch website and drastically improve the strength of their SEO & backlink profile.

Why Trust Your Digital PR to Us ….

Our team of experts works across businesses of all shapes and sizes. From sole traders to fortune 500’s we’ve got experience working with businesses of all sizes across all sectors.

Whether you’re an eCommerce store looking to drive more sales or a company that relies on lead generation our Digital PR packages can help meet your business objectives.

We are experts in crafting content that aligns with the interests of your target audience. We aren’t just producing content for content’s sake. Every piece is created to answer a meaningful question or issue that your audience has so you can position yourself as experts in your field and become a trusted name in your space.

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