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Adapting Your PPC Strategy for Uncertain Times

Tuesday, July 28th, 2020
Written by Content Team

The road to economic recovery remains unclear for many companies during these uncertain times. Some Ecommerce companies have seen some of their best performance, while Covid-19 and the next few months will be challenging for many businesses. With this uncertainty and vague timelines, there are steps you can take within the next week or months ahead. In this blog, we’ll reveal the tools and tactics you can use to support your campaigns during the current crisis.

Reassess how you do business

Many companies have had to reassess how they do business within a very short amount of time. This may be down to storefronts closing, sudden changes in supply and demand, or logistic disruptions. This means that as marketers, we’ve had to shift our digital strategies to ones that will be most impactful within a very short amount of time. This may mean that we’ve had to pause paid advertising for a short while to identify what is most crucial the businesses that we service and how we can adapt to the external difficulties that we’re currently facing.

Smart Bidding

It is now more important than ever to get your brand in front of your customers and automated bidding can be a great way to do this while making the most of your adspend budget, within an everchanging business environment. Smart bidding uses machine learning to optimise bids for conversions or to maximise the value of conversions. It does this by factoring in the likelihood that a user will convert to determine how high or low Google bids on a keyword. This allows for your bids to automatically meet your customer needs and reduce wasteful spending across campaigns, without you having to change a thing.

Smart bidding handles query and volume changes, which is especially important during the coronavirus outbreak as you will potentially experience fluctuations in volume due to a change in queries and clicks. This will allow you to continue to bid in any available auctions and maximise performance within your marketing budget.

Performance Planner

Right now, time spent on marketing may seem at a premium so using Performance Planner can reduce the time spent on campaign creation and keyword research. Using a combination of Performance Planner and Google Trends allows you to better plan for seasonal up and downs, and for you to more accurately determine the supply and demand for your services or products. Performance Planner stimulates ad auctions to allow you to gain insights of how your campaigns may performance and provides actions to help your campaigns increase performance for the same spend.

Goal Rising Recommendations

With customers spending more time online than ever, they expect a seamless experience from your brand. One way to determine how your ads account is performing is to use your action tailored account recommendations. These recommendations allow you to make changes to your account based on shifting demands and market changes. They allow you to pinpoint any paid search marketing opportunities you may have missed and allow you to quickly make changes. Allowing you to spend your limited time focusing on strategy, innovation and account growth.

Key takeaways

  • Save time working on your ads account by using your recommendations tab.
  • Use handy tools such as performance planner and Google Trends to quickly create campaigns.
  • Automated bidding can really help you to become more efficient and adoptable.
  • Match your customer needs by reassess how you do business and how you demonstrate this via your paid marketing.