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Best practices for creating product pages that get results

Tuesday, January 12th, 2021
Written by Content Team

If your eCommerce business isn’t achieving the sales you want, it’s worth turning your attention to your on-site product pages. Product pages can make or break your online retail business. They should be easy to navigate, with enticing imagery and effective copy that clearly defines your value proposition. 

How to create product pages that will help you achieve your sales targets

Your product descriptions

Product  descriptions are where your copywriting skills can really come into their own. This is where you have your customer’s  full attention, so it’s vital to master your brand messaging and convey exactly why a user needs to buy your product from your online store. 

Know your audience

As with all marketing channels, you need an ideal buyer in mind before you can create or implement an effective strategy. To communicate effectively with your audience, you need  to build an in-depth audience profile that covers your ideal buyers’ age, gender, location and psychographic traits such as their online behavioural patterns. Copy that resonates with one user may not necessarily do anything for another, which is why it is vital to have your ideal buyer mapped out. From there, you can develop a voice for your product descriptions.  

Outline the benefits of your products

As a general rule, it’s best to use your copy to address your users’ pain points rather than simply outlining the specs of your product. List your product’s best features, but always draw it back to how they will benefit your customer. You should also use sensory language in your product descriptions to give your customer a tangible notion of what you’re selling – even if they’re only looking at a web page. 

You also want to avoid using meaningless hyperbole. For example, you may think that you’re selling the ‘tastiest hot chocolate ever’ but unless you can back it up with a Great Taste Award or customers will dismiss your claim out of hand as not credible. Every time you want to use a superlative, justify it with evidence from your product specifications or from social proof. 

Product page design

Effective product descriptions are important, but the look of the page and how navigable it is also play a huge part in the conversion rates of your product pages. 

Showcase your products with multimedia

Quality imagery and videos to give your customers an excellent idea of the look and feel of your products. High resolution photography and crisp, clean, interactive videos will engage users and are an effective way to convince them to press that ‘buy’ button.

True-to-life imagery will help to: 

  • Foster trust  with your customers
  • Make a strong first impression
  • Give potential customers realistic expectation about your products
  • Increase sharing across social media
  • Establish a consistent brand image
  • Set yourself apart from competitors
Include social proofing

With an increasingly crowded eCommerce marketplace, it’s harder and harder for users to differentiate between different online retailers with similar product offerings. That’s why social proofing, such as trust badges, customer reviews and star ratings, are now more important than ever. 

When it comes to creating a product page that truly reflects your brand and does justice to your products, there’s one right answer. But these guidelines are an excellent place to start if you want to make sure that your product pages engage users, and increase your conversion rates. If you aren’t sure where  to begin, get in touch with a digital marketing team who can set you on the right track.