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Apex Workwear

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Our Client

Apex Workwear are a leading supplier of personalised workwear with an ecommerce shop selling all of their products. They can supply workwear to companies of any size from small businesses to large corporations.

Increasing sales through their ecommerce website was the main priority for Apex Workwear. They approached Global Search Marketing initially for a PPC campaign with the view to increase sales from their website.

  • Online sales increased 20% from PPC.
  • Leads increased 300% from Facebook Ads.
  • Online sales increased 50% from Facebook ads.

The Challenge

A number of areas were identified with Apex’s PPC where improvements could be made to provide a quick boost in sales from the website. Further down the line, this would be complimented by a Facebook ads campaign.

The client expressed they would like to target the Gore Tex range of products with the PPC campaign initially. This is a large section of their website and would present a big challenge, one which Global Search Marketing would be willing to take on. A strategy was written up and a list of competitors was gathered from the client.


Our Strategy

Our initial strategy consisted of a PPC campaign targeting the Gore Tex range of products already mentioned. Our team implemented the PPC campaign over the coming months with a view to increase product sales from the website. Further opportunities were then spotted with Facebook ads providing a way of getting more traffic to the site and thereof increasing product sales.

Promising progress was seen with the PPC campaign, sales increased significantly and the client was happy with the campaign so far. Facebook Ads were then introduced as a way of increasing sales and leads from the website. This campaign proved to be successful and the hard work the Global Search Marketing team put in paid off.


The Results

Results from the PPC campaign were fast and within a few months, sales were up by 20% from where they were previously. Our PPC team delivered a sales increase of 50% from Facebook Ads with an increase of 300% in leads.

Improvements are still continuing as the campaign is running, with traffic and sales both increasing.

  • Online sales increased 20% from PPC.
  • Leads increased 300% from Facebook Ads.
  • Online sales increased 50% from Facebook ads.

Client’s Thoughts

The initial results from the PPC campaign instilled confidence with Apex and allowed them to increase their marketing budget with Global Search Marketing. Apex could see the effectiveness of a well run paid marketing campaign and the sales it brings.

The co-owner of Apex, Ritesh is more than happy with the work Global Search Marketing has carried out and the progress of the paid campaign. More targets have been set for the Facebook Ads over the coming months.

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