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Bis-Henderson Consulting – Logistics Lead Generation

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Our Client

Bis-Henderson Consulting works with their clients to make sense of their supply chain and logistics through consultation and advice on their Logistics and Supply Chain strategy. Struggling with bringing traffic to their site and in generating leads through their website they turned to Global Search Marketing for support.

As Part of the Bis-Henderson Group they are a part of one of the UK’s leading companies on all matters related to Logistics and Supply Chains, and needed to ensure that all content and actions taken represented their expertise in subject matter in a way that was still accessible to their target audience.


The Challenge

Operating in a highly competitive market with a relatively small target market Bis Henderson Consulting was struggling to generate leads through its website due to a lack of traffic coming to its website.

The root cause of the lack of traffic coming to the Bis Henderson Consulting site was a lack of presence and visibility in Search Engines, where the bulk of their target market were going to find consultants and partners for their business.

The lack of visibility in search engines was found to be the result of a core number of issues including:

  • Unstable Search Engine Rankings caused by inadequate content
  • A weak backlink profile that was hampering their Search Engine Rankings
  • Poorly optimised and managed PPC campaigns that were not focused on the correct key terms
  • Weak user experience on the site that was causing users to leave before converting.

Our PPC Strategy

To meet the challenges that Bis-Henderson Consulting faced Global Search Marketing developed a strategy that focused on generating more traffic to the site and then improving the user experience of the site, so more people were converting.

Boosting traffic levels took the form of PPC campaigns targeting highly relevant key terms that had higher chances of generating leads, as well as improving the SEO optimisation of the site to stabilise Search Engine Rankings for the terms that were being bid on for PPC.

On-Site SEO optimisation became the priority action area as the instability in rankings was both an issue for the brand as well as led generation and led to top level sections of the site being re-written with an emphasis on the usability and flow of the pages and not just on the utilisation of key terms. This, when combined with a backlink acquisition to target key terms from high quality websites that were places where the target audience would frequent led to the stabilisation of rankings.

With rankings stabilised and the combination of Organic and PPC traffic generating enough visits, attention turned to the sites user experience to improve conversion rates.


Improved User Experience

Improving the user experience on the website became a technical endeavour when we analysed the Core Web Vitals of the website and identified site load speed as a major issue.

In order to decrease site load times we set out to ensure that:

  • Images were properly optimised for size and in the correct format ( webP)
  • Plug-ins to set up Lazy Loading of page features were installed
  • CSS and JavaScript Code was minified and cut down to the essentials

Results Achieved

The result of Global Search Marketing’s strategy was significant improvements in traffic levels and user engagement on the site:

  • Users Increased by 200%
  • Bounce Rates Improved by 50%
  • Pages / Session Increased from 0.49 top 1.49

On top of this target key terms went from ranking on the 2nd or 3rd page of search engine results to ranking onto the first page.

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