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Our Client

Kinura is a video production company based in London providing webinars and other corporate communications. They mainly work with commercial clients of all sizes to create any video or webinar they require.

Attracting work from the London area was the main priority for Kinura, many companies exist within this large area so competition is high. Kinura approached Global Search Marketing with the task of creating a PPC campaign for this area to increase leads from the website.

  • More than doubled sales.
  • Remained competitive against the London market whilst staying within a restricted budget.
  • Website traffic up by 70%.

The Challenge

A number of areas were identified by the PPC team where gains could be made through a highly targeted campaign. A smaller budget was assigned to the project, so the team had to work within this constraint. This would be challenging but our PPC team was able to overcome having a smaller budget and remain competitive against the London market.

The client briefed our team on what they would like to achieve and the target area for the PPC campaign. London is a big city with many competitors, so this would be a challenge but one Global Search Marketing and the team would be happy to take on. A strategy was then formed and work began on the project.


Our Strategy

Our PPC strategy consisted of creating a highly targeted campaign consisting of carefully curated keywords based on the London area. Our team implemented this campaign over the first few months with the agreement of Kinura, this led to an initial boost in sales and website traffic.

Only 2 to 3 campaigns were run given the budget constraints, this proved to be enough and provided a significant increase in sales from the website. Staying ahead of the competition was always a primary concern of the PPC campaign, especially within the local area. Keyword selection was crucial during this time as no budget could be wasted on irrelevant terms.


The Results

After a few months of hard work implementing the PPC campaign, Kinura reaped the benefits of an uplift in enquiries and traffic to their website. Our PPC team delivered an increase of 70% in website traffic leading to more than double the amount of sales as previous.

The site still remains competitive against the London market within a restricted budget, delivering quality enquiries to this day.

  • More than doubled sales.
  • Competitive within the London area within a restricted budget.
  • Website traffic up by 70%.

Client’s Thoughts

Kinura were unsure how effective their PPC campaign would be due to the smaller budget. The initial results were promising and surpassed the expectations of the client, providing quality leads within a short period of time.

The CEO of Kinura, Ben Styles is extremely pleased with the progress of the PPC campaign and the professionalism of the team. More targets to hit have now been set going forward, the team have already implemented changes to build upon the campaign.

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