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Meggitt – Engineering

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Our Client

Meggitt PLC are a leading global engineering group who, among other things, specialise in creating components for extreme environments and smart sub systems for a wide range of industries, including aerospace and defense.

With a huge work force spread across Asia, Europe and North America, Meggitt embody global enterprise in a big way.


What We Achieved

Meggit needed help reaching audiences in Germany and Austria.

With our help they were able to increase their brand awareness and generate more traffic and leads.


Increase in traffic


Year-on-year increase in leads in conversion rate


Increase in returning users

The Challenge

Global Search Marketing assist Meggitt with some of their international marketing, focused primarily on Germany and Austria. 

Over a number of years we have worked closely with Meggitt and their team on one of their subsidiaries, Precision Micro, who are one of the few production facilities globally specialising in photo etching.

Pushing out into Germany and maintaining their presence in this region was vital to allow the company to meet their growth targets.


Our Strategy

Finding efficiency and maximising the impact of paid traffic was key to developing Meggitt’s campaigns and improving their overall return from Google Ads

While the basic campaign structure was well put together and was targeting the correct areas, it was clear that in order to achieve Meggitt’s goals, the campaigns would need to become leaner and much more efficient.


The Results

By developing a more focused keyword strategy, we were able to maximise the impact of paid traffic for Meggitt.

Working closely with Meggitt’s team, we structured the campaigns to prioritise Precision Micro’s core offering. Then, building up around this campaign, Global Search Marketing tested other service areas and long tail keywords in order to try and find the right balance in terms of traffic and leads.

By constantly reviewing and liaising with the client on search terms and performance, we were able to develop a tight keyword focus that is continually developing.

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