Lead Generation Delivering a PPC campaign - Increasing click through rate by 80% and impressions by 40%.

Palmer Timber

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Our Client

Palmer Timber is a quality timber manufacturer and merchant. During their 100-year history, they have supplied both hardwood and softwood products to a variety of industries across the UK.

Palmer Timbers’ primary objectives in coming to us were boosting their digital presence and increasing customer interactions on their site. Their overall goal with this was to grow their leads by reaching the right audience for their products online.

  • 40% increase in absolute top impression rate year on year 
  • 80% increase in click-through rate

The Challenge

They approached us with the objective of expanding their reach in a controlled manner so they could reach the most relevant audience and achieve quality leads.

Palmer Timber sells a large range of types of wood and timber products. A key element of our approach has been working closely to understand their audience and products to target correctly.


Our Strategy

To help Palmer Timber achieve its goal we deployed a combined approach on PPC, utilising Google Search, Display, Discovery and Performance max. With a focus on market and customer research, we were able to build campaigns with effective keywords and copy.

Furthermore, through the development of further conversion tracking features, we have improved both our understanding of their customer’s journeys as well as our ability to create touchpoints with customers at different points. An example of this would be the creation of a sample request conversion creating the opportunity to remarket to customers who had requested samples but had yet to purchase with personalised offers and gentle reminders helping to push users back into the conversion funnel.


The Results

The result of The PPC strategy employed was significant improvements in traffic levels and user engagement on the site over multiple years, as well as a growth in lead conversions.

  • 40% increase in absolute top impression rate year on year.
  • 80% increase in click-through rate.

Client’s Thoughts

Like many clients, AEROS’ Senior Management considered their previous Marketing Strategy & Campaigns to be effective. On engaging Global Search Marketing, a gradual realisation (backed with data and evidence) occurred with lost opportunities and wasted budgets. The initial results provided further confidence in our recommendations and strategic direction for the Marketing.

CEO Nick Dunn, is extremely pleased with progress and like all good CEOs has increased his expectation with a new set of targets for our team to deliver.

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