Lead Generation Delivering a national PPC Campaign - Increasing conversions by 40% and click through rate by 140%.

Transfur Animals

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Our Client

Transfur Animals is a leading supplier of pet transportation to international destinations. They have over a decade of experience in the industry and can assist clients with pet transportation to the majority of countries.

Increasing leads from their website was Transfur Animal’s top priority from their marketing. Global Search Marketing were selected for this task and a national PPC campaign was chosen going forward to increase leads.

  • Conversions from the website up 40%.
  • Cost Per Acquisition down 25%.
  • Click-through rate up 140%.

The Challenge

The client requested they would like to increase conversions from their website and make their brand more visible on Google. To accomplish this task, more traffic would need to be brought to the website through a targeted PPC campaign.

Expressed by the client, was the need to target potential customers searching for the countries they were able to transport animals to or from. This would bring highly targeted traffic to the website, thereby increasing conversions and visibility.


Our Strategy

Our primary strategy consisted of a target PPC campaign based on keywords potential customers would be searching for on Google. Initially, the work started as a PPC search campaign but later grew into a more comprehensive campaign incorporating performance max and remarketing.

The remarking allowed Transfur Animals to capture potential customers who had visited their site previously but were still unsure in their decision making. The success of this campaign was evident in the results and a vast improvement in conversion rate was achieved. An effective and controlled use of broad match and audience signals was implemented to expand the campaign reach.


The Results

After implementing the initial PPC campaign, conversions from the website started to increase almost immediately. This was then followed up with remarketing and a performance max campaign which further improved the results Transfur Animals were seeing.

The campaigns are still running and continue to provide quality leads to Transfur Animals through their website.

  • Conversions from the website up 40%.
  • Cost Per Acquisition down 25%.
  • Click-through rate up 140%.

Client’s Thoughts

A combination of everything Global Search Marketing implemented plus early positive results, allowed a highly successful PPC campaign to take place.

Andy, the CEO of Transfur Animals, is extremely pleased with the results of the PPC campaigns. The quality leads from the website still continue to grow and the success of the PPC campaigns go from strength to strength.

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