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Technical SEO

Crawling, Indexing and site speed? It’s all technical gibberish to most non-marketers!

Technical SEO is an important part of any SEO strategy, but it’s also one of the most complex areas of SEO. Without proper knowledge and expertise it’s easy to get lost in a sea of acronyms and error reports that aren’t easy to translate into an actionable plan.

As specialists in technical SEO we’re able to analyse the issues with your website and, more importantly, translate it into language you cna understand and a meaningful plan of action that will lead to improved rankings in search engines like Google and Bing.

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Our Technical SEO Services

  • Technical SEO Audit

    Ensure your site is operating at optimum technical efficiency and is error free to prevent rankings from dropping.

  • Site Speed Optimisation

    80% of users who experience slow site speeds never come back. Improve your site speed with our site speed optimisation services.

  • Site Architecture Optimisation

    Site architecture isn’t just about user experience. Without optimised architecture, SE crawlers cannot map your website and rank you properly.

  • Internal Linking Optimisation

    Guide Search Crawlers to the most important pages on your website by optimising your internal linking structures.

  • Server Optimisation

    From Error codes, to access rights and log files. With Server optimisation you can take your SEO to a new depth.

  • Crawl Optimisation

    Don’t waste your websites crawl budget. Prevent crawlers accessing pages you don’t want rnaking and boost your performance.

  • UX & Core Web Vitals

    Optimise your Core Web Vitals and your user experience for a double whammy of effective optimisation.

  • Website Migration

    New websites can cause your Search Visiblity to crash. Make sure you don’t lose your rankings when migrating your website wby working with our experts.


Our Awards


Why Trust Your Technical SEO to Us ….

Technical SEO is a tricky area, and you need to be sure that the people making changes to your website are qualified to do so. At GSM, we’re not just Google Premier Partners, but we’re also partners with some of the leading technical SEO tools such as SEM Rush and we make use of the leading tools in the industry such as Moz.

It’s not just the tools we use that show out quality though. We’ve been nominated and won multiple awards for our work in SEO, and that includes our work on areas of technical SEO. Check out the awards we’ve been nominated for below to see exactly how good we are.


The basics of our technical SEO services

If you need technical SEO auditing services, look no further than Global Search Marketing. We will help get your website up to Google’s standard and push it to rank higher for your target keywords. This in turn will ensure that your brand’s message is broadcast to as many people as possible. We will define goals and set strategies to get your website in good working order, as this is what Google values highly when it comes to SEO. The power of good technical SEO cannot be understated and must be prioritised when it comes to maintaining your website.

Our SEO strategies and project plans are always designed with your individual needs in mind; no matter whether you’re head of marketing in a huge organisation, or whether you’re launching a new start-up. To start off, we will analyse the current situation of your website, analysing page errors, metadata errors, backlink profile, sitemap, robots.txt as well as your disavow file. We will use this data to provide you with a solid strategy from the get go. We will then implement all of our recommendations in order to boost your SEO and website performance!

Our technical SEO experts will improve key areas of your website so that your whole site can rank higher on Google. Working on your webpages in accordance with best practise will ensure that you get the swift results you desire. Choose an SEO agency that can give you a highly informed SEO audit and contact us for technical SEO services.

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