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Are you an e-commerce business? Make more this Christmas with these two tips!

Friday, October 27th, 2017
Written by Content Team

It goes without saying that Christmas is the biggest time of the year for E-Commerce businesses. With it fast approaching, be ready to take the Reindeer by the horns and take full advantage of AdWords most recent updates to shopping ads.

We have seen an influx of changes to AdWords this year including a whole new makeover, new features and more. One of the big updates we’ve seen to shopping ads in particular this year are Showcase Shopping Ads. They were first introduced to us in beta in 2016 but they have been rolled out to all retailers and here’s why…

Grab their attention early!

Showcase Ads are basically a mini catalogue which allows users to discover and explore your brand and products. Unlike normal shopping ads which is one specific product, showcase shopping ads allows you to advertise multiple products that are related to that search term.

Of course, this is more ideal for generic e-commerce searches such as ‘children’s Christmas toys’ or ‘men’s Christmas jumpers’, rather than product specific searches.

Worried you’ll be charged more than normal? Have no fear – Shopping Showcase Ads are a cost-per-engagement format. This means you are only charged when the person expands your ad and clicks a product or link or spends longer than 10 seconds within it.

These can only be implemented within the new AdWords interface.


Price Benchmarks

It’s common practise that consumers will look for the best price on a product they’re looking for. But if you find yourself lowering bids in hope it will drive cheaper sales, it might be time to try an alternative strategy.

As consumers look for lower prices, it is within Google’s interest to serve more impressions to these ads. Because the more clicks consumers give, the more money for Google itself. Advertisers can then use this to promote lower prices – instead of lowering CPC. Cue Price Benchmark…

In Shopping Ads, there is the Price Benchmark report which allows you to see if your price is the lowest or if there is an opportunity to boost sales by lowering prices to be more competitive. So, rather than increasing your bid to outrank your competitor, try lowering your price to increase impressions and attract more sales.