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Our eCommerce audits are designed to analyse the effectiveness of your current operations, as well as pinpoint the failings. That’s why in every eCommerce audit we do we’ll look at:


  • Customer experience – (Purchase path to checkout, mobile user experience, post purchase marketing)
  • Google Ads account – (Ad copy optimisation, long tail keyterm optimisation, CTR analysis)
  • SEO – (Website crawlability checks, content issues, metadata optimisation
  • Social Media – (Brand identity analysis, channel performance evaluation, audience demographics)

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How does the eCommerce Audit work?

Our audits look at your eCommerce store in a number of different ways, so to make sure every business gets the same level of detail and information we follow a strict methodology.

Stage 1: Introductory Phone Call

Our specialists will get in touch to arrange a phone call with you so we can learn about your business.

Stage 2: Define Your Competition

We’ll work with you to build out a list of competitors for your business in general and in specific digital channels

Stage 3: Look At Your PPC Campaigns

We’ll crawl your website with our tools to identify the areas of your site that need work.

Stage 4: Identify SEO Weaknesses

We’ll go through your website’s SEO optimisation and find ways you can help improve your organic rankings.

Stage 5: Discussing Our Findings

We’ll talk you through our findings as well as going through the actionable items we develop from the audit.

Stage 6: The Final Report

We’ll give you a handy report which outlines everything we discussed.

Sign up for your free eCommerce audit today and one of our experts will be in touch to arrange a call with you.

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