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Getting Started with Twitter Advertising

Tuesday, May 4th, 2021
Written by Content Team

Twitter often feels like an ever-changing landscape with millions of Tweets created daily, so it can feel like your branded posts are getting lost within this dynamic social platform. One of the ways your brand can avoid this, is by investing in Twitter Ads. Twitter ads offer you an opportunity to promote your brand to a newer larger audience and show new users your products, alongside organic content.

Twitter benefits from simple ad-formats which makes it user-friendly for those at all marketing and does not have a minimum advertising budget, so it is a great platform to get your teeth stuck in and expand your brand’s reach.

Types of Paid Advertising

Promoted Ads

Promoted Tweets allow your brand to use your best creative to drive traffic to your site by highlight your brand or service via creative storytelling. You have the option to use multiple formats such as image, video, carousel, and text ads. This form of ad is super easy to create and can be used to support multiple marketing objectives. They also allow your audience to interact with your ad while simultaneously clearly being a “promoted” Tweet.

Follower Ads

Want to attract a new audience to your Twitter page? Follower ads can be promoted to your target audience, allowing you to build brand awareness and expand your current follower base. They effortlessly increase visibility by appearing in a user’s timeline, search results or via Promoted Accounts.

Twitter Amplify

Showcase your brand’s highlights and top clips via re-roll ads that can be show-cased alongside Twitter’s premium video content that your target audience are already engaged in. Amplify Pre-roll aligns brands with in-feed video content from 200+ premium brands, many of which you already know.

Automated Ads

One of the great features of Twitter is the Promote Mode, especially when it comes to those new to online paid advertising. It helps you to automatically promote your Twitters and profile, which eliminates the stress of trying to accurately predict spend or having a team spend time on optimising ads.

All you need to do in Promote mode is set up your first 10 Tweets as normal that meet the quality requirement and promote them to your target audience, after this point ad creation is automated. Promote mode comes at a flat rate per month and on average, your promoted Tweet with reach an additional 30,000 people a month.


Twitter Ads can be the perfect complement to an organic content strategy which allows you to be placed in front of a larger audience based on interests and location. It’s an opportunity to promote your brand, products or services to new users who may be interested in what you have to offer. Based on the way that Twitter Advertising is set you, you only pay when you’ve achieved your marketing objective. Twitter can be a great addition to your paid marketing strategy with great engagement and an opportunity for a good return in investment.