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How to tell if your agency is good enough

Tuesday, April 12th, 2022
Written by Content Team

It’s a sad truth that the world of digital marketing is filled with people who make claims about how they can revolutionise your business and then utterly fail to live up to the rhetoric. When it comes to Pay Per Click Campaign management though this is highly problematic as you’re not just paying them to manage your account, they’re also spending your money. Thousands of pounds every month could be getting wasted if your current PPC agency, or consultant isn’t actually as capable as they make out.

It can be a challenge to identify wether the people you’re working with are actually capable though, which is why we’ve pulled together a quick checklist that you can use to work out whether or not your PPC agency is everything they claim to be. Just answer the questions below and you’ll see whether or not you should be looking to replace your current PPC Agency, as well as what sort of agency you should be looking to work with moving forward.

Now you’ve been through the checklist and found out your results, are you happy with your current agency? If not, then we’re more than happy to help you out! Just sign up for one of our free PPC audits and we’ll happily go through and show you how we could improve your PPC campaigns and get them to generate more sales and leads for your business.