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Making The Most Of The World Cup

Thursday, June 14th, 2018
Written by Content Team

So once again people all over the world are rejoicing/cursing. After a four year wait which felt like an age/could do with being extended by another 4 years, the World Cup is back. Yes for the next 32 days there will be thrills and spills/boring conversations and TV disruptions, as the best Football teams/groups of overpaid so-called stars, compete to be the best in the World.
Despite dividing opinion to the savvy marketer the World Cup represents an opportunity to engage with your user base and show yourself as a dynamic marketing professional. These can be sales that promote the World Cup with themed offers or provide distractions to those less interested in the tournaments. So lets look at a few ideas that you could consider during the tournament.

The Knockout Offers

This idea actually comes from one of our clients and I think it’s a great way of tying into the tournament. Choose 32 products on your site and assign them each to a team in the tournament. Those products remain on offer until that team gets knocked out. It adds a ticking clock to the offers which ties in beautifully with the tournament. This will drive engagement and allows customers (who may not even be interested) to get invested in the tournament.

The Sweepstake Win

The Sweepstake is a classic way to bring companies together in a friendly competition and get an office together, following the tournament and engaging in a bit of friendly banter. So why not use this yourself? When someone completes a purchase, assign them a team. Then if that team wins they get entered into a prize draw to win their money back. Simple but effective. You could even do the same thing with newsletter sign ups or leads, offering a prize if their team wins the tournament.

Who’s Going To Win

Social media engagement around tournaments is rife, with fans and non fans discussing it at length. This is a golden opportunity to boost your followers and your social media profile. So get involved and ask your followers “Who’s going to win?” Run a poll on Facebook, getting people to like your page and chose their winner. If people guess right, enter them into a draw as mentioned above.

The Anti World Cup Sale

So what about people who aren’t interested? Partners and friends abandoned to the scourge of football? What can you do for them? Why not run a sale DURING the games? So people who aren’t watching get an exclusive discount in that 90 minute period when 22 grown men are chasing a leather sphere around a grassy field. You could even run this sale in store or at a venue and promote it on social media to drive engagement and footfall at times when you might see a drop off. If your business is right, you could be onto a real winner here.

What Are You Doing While The World Cup Is On?

Another social media opening available to target users who aren’t really interested. Ask them for suggestions about what to do while the games are on. Run a competition for the best suggestions (or get your followers to vote for their favourite) with the winner receiving a prize. You could offer bonuses for ideas themed around the games that are on that day. You could do this as frequently as you like, a different prize every day or game or just one for the whole tournament.


The World Cup does divide people it’s true. But one thing that is irrefutable is that it’s important for advertisers to stay on top of events that are happening. If you show yourself to be engaged, you will stand out from competitors who maybe aren’t as active as you are. And in the end, it’s a global event that everyone the world over knows is happening. So enjoy the tournament in whatever way you wish and keep your customers engaged.