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Every journey starts with a defined purpose and goal. Or so you would think, but often this just isn't the case. That's why our experts won't pick up their tools until we've clarified to a definition what our client's intended purpose and goals are.

This is often an enlightening process for both client and ourselves, as we facilitate reflection and consideration on what it really is we are trying to achieve - why, how and to whom, by when. In some positive cases our clients have totally redefined their purpose and goals via this crucial interventional stage to produce higher impact strategies.


Nothing beats strategic clarity and focus! A well considered and structured strategy provides clear focus on the delivery and deliverables that will create more focus, more productivity, and more profitability. This strategic clarity and structure allows for simplification at the macro strategic level with clear KPIs regardless of the level of complexity for each individual aspect or channel.

• Direction & Programme of Work
• Prioritizes & Scheduled Activities
• Clear Accountability & Ownership
• Key Performance Indicators
• Collective understanding & Communication
• Focused Decision Making against Plan & Objectives


Attracting & engaging your target audience is the essence of any meaningful digital marketing campaign. Successful attraction is achieved by carefully selecting the right balance of tried & tested strategies, along with dynamic and innovative strategies, delivered by our full range of Digital Marketing channels.

• Pay Per Click
• Search Engine Optimisation
• Paid Social
• Organic Social
• Digital PR
• Emailing

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What happens when you've attracted your Audience?.... Simple, your either making initial sales there and then, or we need to capture contact details or engagement channels for your audience to have a second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth attempt to make your sale.

We don’t let any engagement go to waste, we work hard with our clients to capture the users data, this is typically achieved by persuasive CTAs, contact forms, downloadable content assets and tracking solutions.

Once we have worked together to compile your audience engagement data we can concentrate on nurturing and marketing automation techniques.


The importance of nurturing your audience cannot be under emphasised within a modern highly effective marketing strategy, whether your B2B, B2C or specifically E-commence, continued engagement with your audience is paramount.

Nurturing takes many forms, from manual intervention such a direct communication via telesales, emails or social media, to specific marketing channels/techniques such as remarketing, to holistic marketing automation.

The impact on performance is highly notable with significant efficiency gains on your ROI and provides a personalised or consistent experience for your audience. Nurturing your audience also allows for a greater focus on your buyer behaviour and aids with a swifter response.

With wonder statistics such as 10% to 30% uplift in sales opportunities achievable through nurturing your audience, there is no wonder we promote nurturing those ”not yet ready to purchase” opportunities. The benefits include:

• Improved leads and sales rates
• Increased effectiveness of Marketing Spend
• Eliminated "unqualified" leads from databases
• Increased effectiveness of Marketing & Sales Team
• Improved conversion rates at every stage of the funnel


We don’t let those clicks go to waste. We’ll make sure to capture the user data for the traffic that comes through to your website with persuasive CTAs, contact forms, downloadable content assets and more.

Whether your goal is to increase downloads, drive sales, boost transactions or generate leads, we’ll be able to help. We’re experts at conversion rate optimisation and know exactly how to make the most of all the traffic your website gets.


Marketing doesn't stop at conversion - it's cyclical and previous customers feed new growth. It’s important to cultivate loyalty from your audience by re-attracting them through innovative marketing. You want to remind users who’ve already converted that you offer more products and services that can further enhance their experience as a customer.

Remember, these users have already chosen to purchase from you because you offered them a particular product or service in a way that nobody else could. Capitalise on the fact that you’ve already won them over by continuing to delight and entice them through post-sales marketing.

Gain the biggest possible following by attracting new and old users alike with: follow-up emails, remarketing ads, monitoring online reviews and social media management.

Data Measurement

As search marketing experts, we know that gaining traffic and conversions is only half the battle. Our expert analysts know exactly how to discover the way your website visitors think, feel and behave. We use comprehensive audience profiling to uncover the truth about your audience’s user journey and on-site actions before turning our findings into a concrete strategy.

Our experts develop in-depth data-driven strategies that ensure your website is performing at its full potential using our granular audience insights. We won’t let your traffic go to waste with a website that isn't pulling its weight on a technical, content or UX level.

We use A/B and multivariant testing, as well as monitoring user behaviour through all stages of the funnel, so that we can see what works and what needs improving on your website. Our experts implement user mapping and are constantly tracking conversions to refine and build upon the full spectrum of our marketing strategies as we go.


It isn’t enough to simply expand your marketing channels or target audience – you must constantly be improving. No industry stands still and your organisation can’t afford to either. At Global Search Marketing, we believe in driving continuous improvement throughout all our offerings.

This means channelling your energy into the most positive areas of your business, fuelling the most successful elements of your marketing strategy and eliminating weaknesses and drawbacks. Taking time to understand your audience, attracting them with a laser-focused strategy and nurturing loyalty through both pre- and post-sales marketing is a sure-fire way to put yourself at the top of your game.

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