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Paid Social Media Services (PPC)

Drive traffic, increase leads & grow your social media following with targeted campaigns across social media using paid advertising.

Management Fees Start from: £300pcm


Our Approach

How We Do

Our Paid Social Management

Our paid social campaigns are based on a solid foundation of data-driven research. We use comprehensive audience profiling to focus our campaigns around specific topics that your target demographics care about. We can seamlessly target specific audiences by segmenting sponsored posts by interest, location and behaviour. Using a wealth of data, we will deliver a message that resonates with each viewer.

When developing your social media strategy, we take an innovative approach to getting the word out about your brand simultaneously across Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest. Our paid social management services are run by dedicated paid media analysts with a passion for social marketing channels. We want to help you maximise your promotional campaign with a social strategy that delivers results.

With our dynamic approach, we can offer you a Paid Social management service that delivers the performance that you require. Get in touch today to learn more about our Paid Social management services.

Our Range of Paid Social Services

Paid Social Media Management
Effectively running your social media profiles and running targeted ad campaigns through social media platforms can be a daunting task. Our experts take control of your profiles and run both organic and paid adverts on your behalf so you can watch your audience grow month on month.
Paid Social Performance Audits
Firstly let's have a good look at your Paid Social activity, from your channels, campaigns and content to gauge the effectiveness of your current strategy and seek out opportunities. Once the analysis is done, we'll work up some recommended actions that will help boost your Paid Social performance.
Facebook - Paid Social
With over 1 billion users on the platform, a Facebook Ad campaign is guaranteed to give a huge exposure boost. We can amplify your valuable content with boosted posts and use Facebook's amazing targeting capabilities to reach the perfect audience.
LinkedIn - Paid Social
LinkedIn is the perfect social channel for targeted B2B advertising. Reach a selective, relevant and ever-growing user base with our LinkedIn paid social management services.
Pinterest - Paid Social
Increase your brand recognition, engage customers and boost conversions with well-placed Pinterest advertising.
Twitter Paid Social
Boost your brand equity and reach more users with an immediate, relevant and targeted Twitter ad campaign.
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