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Paid Social Media Management

When social media gets discussed it tends to be focused on how you can build a community or build a following online. More often than not people will overlook potentially the most powerful tool available to businesses on social media platforms:

  • Drive traffic, increase leads & grow your Social Media Audience
  • Targeted Social Media for maximum exposure
  • Management Fees Start from: £300pcm

What Can Our Paid Social Media Management Teams Achieve


Maximum Achievable ROI


Maximum Achievable Conversion Rate


Maximum Achievable Return on Ad Spend


Tracked Conversions

Tap into existing communities online

One of the most valuable things around paid social media advertising is that it allows you to tap into audiences that you didn’t even know existed. The granularity of targeting that’s available means you can serve up highly targeted adverts to the audience you want to reach without the worry of wasting your budget on people who aren’t relevant.

All our paid social media campaigns make use of a data driven approach which is focused on reaching these tightly defined audiences with content and information that your target demographics care about. Whether we’re targeting by interest, location or behaviour we have a wealth of data that will help us deliver adverts that will resonate with the viewer

Our teams of paid social media experts work across all social media platforms including:

  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • Pinterest
  • Reddit
  • Twitter
  • …and more

When developing your social media strategy, we take an innovative approach to getting the word out about your brand simultaneously across Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest. Our paid social management services are run by dedicated paid media analysts with a passion for social marketing channels. We want to help you maximise your promotional campaign with a social strategy that delivers results.

European Search Awards 2020 Finalists

Proudly taking on the best of Europe’s Elite Digital Marketing Agencies

Our teams deserve huge praise for their efforts having worked closely with our amazing clients to achieve these 2020 performances.

Why trust your social media advertising to us

We work with clients of all shapes and sizes across a variety of different social media platforms. We’re accredited partners for Facebook and Youtube and work on campaigns across almost every social media platform. If there’s an ability to run ads on it, chances are we’re running a campaign for a client of ours.

If that’s not enough then how about the fact that we’re:

1) A fully accredited partner with some of the leading digital marketing channels such as Google, Bing, Youtube, Facebook and many more.

2) We’re consistently being nominated for our work at awards across the UK and Europe.

3) Our experts are on the cutting edge of their workspace and can often be found giving talks at conferences.

Specialists in

Linkedin Marketing

Our work with our clients gets nominated for awards that put us up against household brand names and the crème de la crème of marketing agencies in the UK.

Specialists in

Facebook Marketing

Look out for us at events up and down the UK ! You’ll find us talking to packed out theatres & event about the latest trends in digital marketing and cutting edge strategy.

Social media advertising insights Free Audit & Review

When working on a digital marketing strategy sometimes the hardest part is working out where to begin. So rather than leave you stumbling around in the dark we offer a free review of a number of the most vital channels to lead generation such as SEO Optimisation, PPC Advertising, and of course, social media.

All our audits are presented live giving you an opportunity to dig into the details and ask any questions you may have. Not only that we don’t just sit there and trawl through a list of negatives, we’ll show you the areas where you’re doing well and advise where you may need to spend less time so you can focus your energy on areas where you’ll see the most improvement.

All our audits are tailored to your level of experience as well. If you’re not overly knowledgeable in an area yourself, we’ll make sure we’re not using the technical jargon that other agencies like to use to bamboozle people into making a purchase they don’t need.

Our audits are focused on clearly communicating the strengths and weaknesses of your current approach and highlighting areas you can improve, and that requires clear communication on our part. If you don’t understand what we’ve said then we’ve not done our job properly.

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