Case Study

Bis-Henderson Consulting

With rankings that were extremely volatile, Bis Henderson were struggling to maintain organic traffic growth. By working with us they were able to stabilise their rankings and get onto the first page for the core terms that were most important to their business.

The Client

Bis-Henderson are one of the leading logistics and supply chain consulting services in the UK. Operating in a competitive environment they have established themselves as one of the most trusted names in their sector and have worked with leading high-street brand names to help them improve their logistics and supply chain management.

The Challenge

Despite being one of the leading names in their sector the highly competitive nature of the Search Engine Results meant that they were suffering from very volatile rankings. From week to week the rankings would change before they finally settled down onto the third pages of results.

Our Strategy

We took a  three pronged approach to fix their volatile search rankings which focused on:

  1. An on-site review of the content on the site looking at keyword optimisation. This focused on title tags, meta descriptions, keyword use within the core content of the site, image alt tags and more. This was centred on 4 core pages on the site as the primary focuses, but included the entirety of the site.
  2. Cleaning up poor quality backlinks that had been generated from backlink building attempts that were no longer consistent with Google’s guidelines. This was done through the manual process of reaching out to websites where the links were hosted and requesting their removal. Where the links could not be removed they were added to the Google Disavow tool.
  3. Generating high quality backlinks on websites with high Domain authorities and that were well known with their target audience for being trusted sources within the logistics and supply chain sector. This was done via producing high quality content and getting it placed on the target websites.

The Results

The Impact of our strategy was that from being in a volatile and low ranking position the target pages and target key terms became much more stable and over time began to climb up the rankings, with most of the core terms hitting the top 5 positions in Google’s search results.

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