Sotheby’s International Realty

Sotheby’s International Realty

About Our Client

Sotheby’s Realty sell and rent prestigious properties world-wide. They have 800 offices across 61 countries including the US, Europe and the United Arab Emirates to name a few. In business for almost 40 years, their reach enables them to connect property buyers with distinctive luxury properties and plots of land.

With a multilingual team and an ethos of discreet and personalised property services, their global affiliate network and international marketing presence provides the strongest exposure for property sellers to successfully sell or rent their home.

SEO Strategy

Strategy 1

Technical SEO

Strategy 2

Outreach SEO

Strategy 3

On Site SEO

Our strategist work with the client to devise KPIs that would be the focus of our organic strategy. It was clear that location targeting was their main focus and therefore strong technical SEO carried out alongside natural search became the backbone of our strategy.

Getting the right balance between effectively communicating with Google and providing a quality user experience is a difficult line to hit, however, our team of certified and experienced SEO consultants boldly took on the challenge.


Through constant growth in outreach and refinement of onsite content, Sotheby’s have seen a constant improvement in overall rankings, with the majority of targeted keywords on page 1, many between positions 1 to 3

SEO Results

Increase search visibility for targeted search terms

Targeted search terms are one of the many ways to provide Google and site visitors information regarding what the company offers. With a strong focus on particular locations and an aim to target users in multiple countries, communicating clearly to Google was essential.

Utilising technical SEO, we were able to clearly differentiate between which search terms were to show in selected countries and which page would offer the best experience to users who do click through organically.

Increase organic traffic year on year

There was a 48% year on year increase in new users and an increase of 42% for overall page sessions in the first quarter of 2017 (Google search engine). Our efforts in increasing rankings in multiple search engines played a central role in improving traffic performance.

With Bing’s market share increasing, we felt it important to target this platform as well as Google. The results of this saw an increase in site sessions of 212% in the same time-frame. Targeting users through as many different platforms as possible played a vital role in increasing organic traffic year on year.

Increase referring domains

In order to achieve this, there was a strong focus on the sites backlink health, not simply building relevant links but also ensuring any citations sourced or found were accurate; and those that weren’t were amended. We coupled this with competitor analysis to further strengthen domain authority and communicate to Google the quality of not only the website, but the Sotheby’s brand as a whole.

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