PPC Audits

Is Your Current PPC Delivering Enough Results?

Don't spend money on underperforming PPC campaigns and waste budget unnecessarily, talk to our team about an audit.

How does your PPC compare to the competition?

PPC can be expensive, especially if you’re spending money on an underperforming campaign which is wasting precious click budget.

Global Search Marketing is a Google Premier Partner, an accolade we’ve held for the last 10 years. Only the top 3% of agencies currently hold this partnership with Google, making us one of the top agencies within the United Kingdom.

With the help of our award-winning PPC experts, areas of improvements within your paid campaign are identified and a thorough report created.

Book a PPC Audit

How does Our PPC Audit Work?

Our PPC audits are thorough and contain a lot of technical detail, but don’t worry everything is explained in an easy-to-understand format. We follow a set routine with every audit we conduct, this helps keep everything clear and concise.

  • Stage 1: Introductory Phone Call

    Our PPC experts will set up an introductory phone call to learn about your business and what you want to achieve.

  • Stage 2: Business Objectives

    Identifying your core business objectives is our first task we will work together on and demonstrate how PPC can help to achieve them.

  • Stage 3: Website Crawls

    We’ll crawl your website with our tools to identify the areas of your site that need work.

  • Stage 4: Actionable Items

    We’ll develop a list of actions that you should focus on to improve your PPC campaign.

  • Stage 5: The Explanation

    Once we have compiled our findings, we’ll talk you through what the next steps should look like.

  • Stage 6: The Final Report

    We’ll provide you with a report which outlines everything we have discussed.

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