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Technical SEO Services

  • Technical SEO is the bedrock of any successful online presence
  • Boost your search rankings and maximise your digital growth potential with a fully optimised website


Why You Need Technical SEO Services

Technical SEO provides the foundation for your online visibility. Having a website that is fully optimised signals to Google that you are relevant, authoritative and trustworthy. These factors are essential to achieving a top search engine ranking.

Appearing on the first page of Google is the key to gaining brand exposure and unlocking substantial growth opportunities. Without that solid online foundation, you evade potential customers and clients who are actively searching for your products and services. If you aren’t achieving a top Google ranking for your keywords, your competitors will be.

How can we help?

We know that technical SEO goes beyond rankings and data – it’s about your bottom line. Our specialists are ROI-focused. They develop targeted strategies that align your website and business objectives to ensure that you meet deliverable targets for online growth.

Methods & services Technical SEO Services

Technical audits
We begin with a technical audit to identify how effectively Google is able to search, crawl & index your pages. This audit provides the blueprint for our SEO strategy and indicates how relevant and successful different SEO tactics will be for bolstering your search rankings.
Monitoring & optimisation
SEO is ever-evolving so our team take a dynamic approach to monitoring and optimising your website. We work continuously to ensure that you reach and maintain a top search engine ranking to promote consistent online growth. Our friendly team will keep you posted on your progress with a steady stream of updates and reports.
Disavow & penalty removal
Are you suffering from a loss in rankings due to Google penalties? Our SEO experts will conduct an incisive investigation to pinpoint the source of the problem. We’ll develop a thorough recovery strategy to boost your rankings and protect you from future algorithmic or manual penalties.

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Your Technical SEO Questions Answered ...

Our Technical SEO Work Programmes are bespoke as all client websites and server setups are different, which inherently offer up unique challenges or priorities. After all we’ll focus our technical SEO on areas producing the biggest and fastest impacts on your performance. That having been said, we can broadly outline the typical Technical SEO Work Programme as some top level activities:

1. Develop Corporate Goal and Staged Objectives

This typically involves a conversation with Clients as to what specifically they are seeking to achieve in a set timeframe within a defined budget. Often our SEO teams can quickly assess the competition and indicate the level of investment and time required to achieve the objective. Note: it is not unusual for clients to ask us openly to what can be achieved with different budgets.

2. Technical SEO Audit & Evaluation

Websites typically have a wide range of technical SEO issues that drive down Search Engine Rankings. In order to identify the various issues a comprehensive website Technical SEO Audit is required utilising various specialist SEO crawl & analytical tools. In certain circumstances the website may be audited in manageable stages, especially if websites have high volumes of pages or complex architectures. The extent and nature of the audits are led by our experienced SEO team unless specified by the Client.

Following the various audits, our team will evaluate and prioritise the identified issues, forming a recommendation list of actions, ranging from Macro Technical SEO and Micro Technical SEO. Or indeed quick wins, mid term wins and long term wins.

Typically the audits will provide a benchmark to the ranking positions of the website keywords and competitor positions. However, this is dependent on the audits applied and degree of setup/configuration, it may not be possible to track all keywords. If the Client requires additional investigation or benchmarking this can be discussed & scheduled.

3. Macro Technical SEO (Broad)

The Audit will typically identify an array of macro technical issues that are applicable to the entire website (i.e. right across the site).

This typically includes:

  • Website Crawlability
  • Mobile Optimisation
  • Site Speeds
  • 30X, 40X, 50X Errors & Redirect
  • Sitemap Analysis
  • Other critical issues and warnings flagged in Google Search Console


A detailed work plan will be developed to showcase the various Macro Technical SEO activities to be completed, which can be programmed into the work programme within the time allowance.

Note: Macro Technical issues can often involve engagement from your web development team to action site changes. Our SEO team will apply changes to the website as an administrator but are not responsible for any web development.

4. Micro Technical SEO (Targeted)

The Audit will also typically identify an array of micro technical issues on a page by page level, which our specialist SEO team will evaluate and develop a methodical plan of work against. This is typically achieved by grouping pages into manageable sections or against a client prescribed list of priorities in line with their commercial goals. In certain circumstances, Clients will identify specific target key terms they wish to improve search engine rankings against, which may relate to a specific page or groups of pages. The team will apply best practice optimisation throughout and will agree the approach with the client within the work programme.

Note: due to the individual changes sometimes been as simple as changing a single word in a title, it is not plausible to plan and record changes at this level. Most websites have the ability to record and review a change log if required and our team will record their allocation of time internally for auditing purposes should it be required.

Typical activities may include:

  • Creation of New Pages. These are highly tailored to rank for specific key terms and typically involves web developer engagement to create pages or client support. Unless existing pages can be easily duplicated and edited.
  • URL Architecture Optimisations
  • Page Title Optimisation
  • Heading Architecture Optimisations (H1, H2s, H3s, H4s, etc)
  • Meta Titles and Meta Descriptions
  • On page Content Optimisations – including full rewrites if required
  • Image Alt Descriptions and Tag Optimisations
  • Blog Optimisation and Internal Links


Optimisation will seek to apply Google’s E.A.T guidelines (Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness) where possible.

5. Local SEO

Increasingly Google is refining its ranking algorithms to take into account location. This is an opportunity to improve the ranking positions for users located in specific regions or user searches for terms that include locations. Therefore, local SEO seeks to emphasis your location:

This typically includes:

  • Google My Business Profile Optimisation
  • Client advice on how they can generate more reviews to their Google My Business Profile
  • Audits and Submissions of Business Information to National Directories to allow for NAP Optimisation
  • Onsite location references


Overall Technical SEO Objective:

The objective of the five core aspects of Technical SEO is to improve the average ranking profile of the website across Search Engines for Key terms. The success of such an objective cannot simply be measured by the degree of improvement or the time for improvement to be realised. This is due to multiple ranking criteria’s that are outside of our control, such as competitor behaviour or their expenditure or Search Engine algorithm changes. In some cases it can even be related to the degree of investment. All the SEO work we will conduct is in-line with best practice guidelines and nominal movements in rankings are not likely to be indicative of our service delivery performance or quality. That having been said we would hope to have an average net gain in rankings or specific SEO improvements for targeted key words across 3 to 12months.

Due the sheer scope of work involved in SEO, not all activities can be applied within the available time allocations and not every basic optimisation will be applied to pages as the team juggle their time to achieve max impact. The experienced SEO team will use their judgements as to how to allocate their time within the bounds of the Technical SEO Work Programme.

Technical SEO is effectively time for our SEO managers to 1. Identify and then fix issues or 2. update or write content. Typically our teams will require a minimum of 4-6 hrs per month on a smaller site or specifically focused on key aspect of client’s site. Costs would start at circa £300 for technical SEO, but rarely do our clients just apply this service in isolation as they appreciate the team may need to adapt and resolve multiple issues across a host of SEO services, so most clients tend roll the technical SEO into a more holistic suite of SEO services. This give the SEO team the freedom to attack the priority issues. For more information on costs please contact us.

An interesting question, albeit a little like ‘how long is a piece of string’. Most SEO professionals mention 6-12months, which is as correct and it’s incorrect – somewhat misleading isn’t it.

Basically you can see changes within days depending on the availability of ‘low hanging fruit’. It’s not unusual to see with 2 weeks you rankings jump from position 9 to position 5 for example with just some key focused changes. And to see similar SEO performance gains to our applied changes within weeks or months. This means it is absolutely possible to see traffic increases and revenue increases in a short timeframe.

However, it does all depend on the degree of competition and investment in our SEO management time. For example, if the competition is high and/or your competitors are significantly more advanced with their SEO, then investment and time maybe required.

This is why most SEO professionals mention the 6-12 month timeframe, because after the low hanging fruits it may take 6-12 months for the various SEO activities to culminate or register significantly enough to drive improvements.

So the short to the answer is there are normally quick wins to enjoy, but substantial improvements do take longer.

This has happened before and will happen again, unfortunately it’s rare, in that a client has engaged our services, maybe with a keyword ranking Position 2 on Page 1, with the intent to move up to Position 1 over 6-months, which has materialised. Unsurprisingly you may ask why and normally the answer is that we cannot control your competition and if they are also applying SEO investment or noticed your improvements they may be matching you stride for stride. In fact in some cases, had you not had our expertise you could have rapidly regressed to lower rankings as your competitors overtake you. If this was to occur the evidence is clear to see and we’ll showcase what these competitors are doing and the effect it is having on your rankings. This may results in a revised programme of clever strategies, or recommendations to increase investment to ‘burn them off’ or advice to simply persevere and keep the conviction until you break ahead.

Note: SEO investment is also about holding your current positions, as much as its about climbing up the ranking positions. With the combination of our expertise and clever strategies along with sufficient budgets we’ll be triumphant in achieving your goals and beating off your competition.

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