Shopping Audits

Increase the revenue from your ecommerce website.

Our award winning ecommerce experts will audit your current ads for areas where revenue can be increased.

How do your shopping ads compare to the competition?

Shopping ads are a great way of increasing the revenue from your ecommerce website. Setting up your campaign and budgets can be tricky, especially without wasting click spend.

With the help of our award-winning shopping ads experts, we’ll be able to help you identify all the areas in your ads campaign that need work.

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How does Our Shopping Audit Work?

Our audits delve into a lot of technical detail, but we pride ourselves on translating it into easy-to-understand elements. To help make everything as easy as possible, we follow a set routine that helps keep everything streamlined and clear.

  • Stage 1: Introductory Phonecall

    Our shopping ads experts will contact you for an introductory phone call where they can discuss your requirements and budgets.

  • Stage 2: Business Objectives

    We’ll work with you to identify your core business objectives and how shopping ads can play a role in helping you achieve them.

  • Stage 3: Campaign Audit

    Our team will audit your current shopping ads campaign looking for areas of improvement or potential problems.

  • Stage 4: Actionable Items

    We’ll develop a list of actions that you should focus on to improve your shopping ads.

  • Stage 5: The Explanation

    Our team will talk you through their findings and the next steps you need to take.

  • Stage 6: The Final Report

    Everything our team discussed previously, will be consolidated into an easy to read report.

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