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Our Ecommerce SEO Services

  • Technical SEO

    Make sure your ecommerce site isn’t suffering from technical seo issues that causig your rankings to drop.

  • Category Page Optimisation

    From advice on how to categorise your products to page creation and content optimisation, we can make sure your category pages convert and rank well.

  • Product Page Optimisation

    Drive more traffic and increase sales with an effective product page optimisation strategy from our eCommerce experts.

  • CRO & UX Optimisation

    From button size, to colours used on the page. CRO and UX optimisation can improve your sales without needing to drive more traffic.

Our Awards & Recognitions

If you’re an ecommerce store and you’re running PPC ads that are delivering traffic and sales at a decent ROI, it can be tempting to think that you don’t need to focus on your SEO. The truth though, is that only 40% of people using search engines will click on the ads when looking to make a purchase. The remaining 60% engage with the organic rankings.

You cannot afford to ignore 60% of your audience if you want to grow your ecommerce sales. Which means you need to be on the first page of results for key terms as 95% of traffic comes from the first page of search results.

It isn’t just about ranking for key terms with specific purchase intent though. You need to be ranking for key terms that are useful to your audience at every stage of their buyer journey so you can increase your brand awareness and activate other marketing channels like re-marketing.

Our team of award winning ecommerce SEO experts are available to assist you in growing your search visibility, improving your rankings and generating more sales.

SEO ecommerce is a fantastic way to increase the number of sales coming through your online store, but like any form of SEO it can be time consuming and difficult to get right.

Our team of Ecommerce SEO experts are ready and willing to help you identify the weaknesses of your current SEO approach, and to work with you to develop an SEO strategy that will help you deliver the sales you need to see, and to meet your wider business objectives. Our approach to Ecommerce SEO can be summarised as focusing on four core areas:

  1. Technical SEO – The foundation of both your SEO success and your user experience. We will audit your site for technical errors and provide an action plan to fix issues based on the urgency of each error.
  2. On-site optimisation – By focusing on identifying relevant key terms for the core pages of the site we will optimise content and pages to rank for those key terms. We will also look to expand the pages on your site so you can better target key-terms that you don’t have the correct content for.
  3. Digital PR & Backlink Generation – Backlinks still matter for SEO, so we ensure our clients are able to generate relevant high quality links to the pages that matter on their site.
  4. Expertise and Content Generation – In order to attract users at every stage of the buyers journey you need content that meets their needs. By focusing on content that demonstrates your expertise you’ll not only help improve your rankings, but you’ll be able to attract users earlier in their buyers journey.

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