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The Rise Of Video Advertising

Thursday, June 4th, 2020
Written by Content Team

Video Ads in Google are a great way of bringing your story to life and captivating your audience. Over the past couple of years Google has rolled out and improved on a number of different ad formats, in-video ads in Google and YouTube being one.

What are video ads?

These campaigns allow you to show your video ads either on their own or via various other video content which is streamed across the Google Display Network and on YouTube, which has never been more popular than it is today! This allows you to reach lots of potential customers when they search and watch videos this way.

The best bit? You only pay when someone shows an interest in your ad, whether this is by engaging in some way (a call to action), watching at least 30 seconds or the whole ad itself and Google’s flexible pricing means that Video ads can work for many different budgets, which is a win for almost everyone.

Can you choose who sees your video ad?

Oh course! The targeting options Google provide allow you to pick who sees your ad. These include the viewer’s location, their age, gender, interests as well as more for you to choose from. Based on the options you pick; your ad will appear either in search results or before/during streamed content or next to related videos. Choosing your audience is a big advantage as it gives you more control over who sees your video ad!

Bringing your brand to the forefront

By using Video ads, you can give people that extra push to take certain actions, of which you can determine, such as prompting them to visit your website and view your products or services. By broadening your reach and capturing the attention of the viewer this builds your brand awareness and encourages people to get to know your brand and ultimately driving demand at a bigger scale.

Collect your data

No doubt you’ll want to see how your video ads are doing. You can collect your real-time data to gain a better insight into who is watching your ads and interacting with them which in turn provides you with the information you’ll need moving forward with your future plans in regards to your digital strategy!

Are video ads right for me?

There are many benefits using this platform to showcase your brand or service, after-all due to it’s popularity it looks like video is here to stay. The audience for video is huge which provides a great opportunity for those who are willing to invest in video ad campaigns and their content.

However, ensuring you know your demographic is vital, if your target audience isn’t watching the video campaign you’ve put your time and energy into creating, then it’s not likely to be very successful. Targeting the correct people is essential in ensuring the right people are clicking through, if you’re not targeting the correct audience, how likely is it going to be that they are interested in your ad?

Knowing your target audience is important, but creating an eye catching, interesting and engaging ad is also key. Not only that but getting your messaging right is imperative, you should always be consistent and purposeful with what you are producing, all these elements work hand in hand and are the anchor in ensuring the success of your campaign. If you do it right, you’re more likely to see the results you want. Investing in video ads could be a great opportunity for your business or service. If it’ll work for you, why not give it a go?    

If you would like more information on how video advertising can help your business please do not hesitate to contact us.