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Video Remarketing – What it is and why you should be using it

Thursday, December 7th, 2017
Written by Content Team

Remarketing to visitors is vital for any business that is serious about maximising return from their website traffic. The re-enforcement of your brands message and unique selling points is essential when trying to ensure that any new website visitors are not lost the moment they leave the site. This principle is well established, particularly with ecommerce businesses who can focus on showing potential customers the products they viewed or left in the cart in the desire to get those visitors back to purchase. However, while this site does show some traditional display ads, these ads are not shown on its most viewed pages and so their effectiveness is surely limited.

YouTube is the second most used website (after google) as ranked by Alexa ( This surely makes it a vital placement online to find your customers and get your brand message across. Now while it is possible to advertise in selected locations via image ads, these are surely not as engaging as the video content that exists on the website. Without video advertising, there is a huge gap in your message on YouTube. The increased use of YouTube as an alternative to TV makes advertising on it the modern equivalent. With the added bonus of giving you much more measurable data in terms of views and engagement of your video content.

What does a video ad look like?

There are two main video ad formats that Google offers to advertise on YouTube and its video display partners. In Stream ads and Discovery ads.

In Stream ads show before videos on YouTube. They come with a link that viewers can use to click through to your website and come with a small companion banner on desktops that can also link through to your website. When combined with dynamic remarketing, the companion banner is replaced with products that your customers viewed on your website.

Discovery ads show up on a variety of different pages including watch pages as the with the In-Stream ads but also show up on search pages and sometimes the YouTube homepage. These ads appear as other videos do within the search results and one the watch and homepage of YouTube.

Best Practices with Video Remarketing

  • If it is appropriate combine dynamic remarketing for your online stores products. This can help to ensure a tailored advertising experience for users and improve audience interaction and brand awareness.
  • Ensure video content is kept fresh. If you have several different videos, ensure that users are exposed to each video across a period of time. Constantly showing users the same video will offer diminishing returns and may even have a negative effect in the long term on brand awareness and reputation.
  • Experiment with each of the different ad types. How do your users best respond to each of the placements? This can help you to optimise your strategy and ensure best use of your Video Marketing Budget.
  • Remember that video ads are an important form of brand recognition. Focus your strategy on increased brand awareness and monitor brand related KPI’s. Judge the campaign on its own measures as opposed to those that you would measure other advertising mediums by.
  • Work with an expert videographer and commercial photographer to get the experience you need to deliver best adverts for use. You might also want to consider getting a corporate headshot photographer in so you  can humanise your business throughout your video remarketing efforts.

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