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What’s New in Microsoft and Google Ads

Tuesday, July 19th, 2022
Written by Content Team

As we are very aware, the digital marketing world is always evolving, which in turn means that we too have to keep up with these changes. Due to fast paced and ever evolving industries, the likes of Google and Microsoft are always looking for new ways to optimise their multiple platforms helping marketers to broaden and capture their target audiences and therefore continuing to build their business.  

What’s new on Microsoft Ads

Although there haven’t been any major changes to Microsoft Ads in recent months, in March this year time zones were no longer editable within the campaign level. Instead, these now align with your account level selection instead. Microsoft states that the reason behind this change is to maintain a consistent approach across both invoice and reporting data. Marketers are therefore encouraged to review the time zone at your account level to ensure accuracy for all your marketing purposes. If you are to change your account time zone, all your campaigns will automatically switch to the new time zone that you have selected. However, should you wish to alter your time zone, you should know that your budget and performance could be impacted when this change is made. Depending on the time difference, you’ll either lose or gain hours on the day you make this change, which will therefore affect the mentioned budget and performance. It is worth monitoring performance over the next few days after this alteration and wait to optimise any campaigns while the account settles into the new time zone.    

What’s new on Google Ads

It was reported that from 30th June 2022 responsive search ads will be the only form of search ads type that you will be able to create or edited within standard search campaigns. As part of this change, you will no longer be able to edit or create new expanded search ads. Your already existing expanded search ads will however continue to run alongside your responsive search ads and you will still be able to see reports on performance going forward and you will also be able to pause, resume or remove existing expanded search ads should you wish. 

Performance Max campaigns are designed to drive better results across your Google Ads channels by bringing out the best of Google’s automated technologies. Over the past few weeks new features have been rolled out for Performance Max in order for you to understand performance, acquire new customers and upgrade your current shopping campaigns with a one-click action tool. These are designed for enable you to get the best out of your campaigns   

Google have also introduced new manager account dashboards where you can review performance across different accounts. These dashboards provide one single place where you can review combined performance statistics from across your account and can now be used at the manager account level for ease. Before this new function was available, you were only able to pull in data from individual accounts, which made it fairly difficult to detect any issues as well as observe potential opportunities across a number of accounts.