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Why digital PR should be part of your content marketing strategy

Tuesday, February 16th, 2021
Written by Content Team

Are you confident that your brand is in the right markets, tapping into the correct communities and appealing to the right audiences? If not, digital PR is a powerful strategy that can improve a brand’s online presence, visibility and prestige

By creating buzz-worthy, shareable digital content and campaigns, you can get greater traction and faster results than if your PR is solely traditional and offline. 

What is digital PR? 

Digital PR has long been perceived as simply link-building. That is, buying artificial links from blogs and directories. But with search engines placing more emphasis on expertise, authority and trust  than ever before, a truly effective digital PR strategy you consist of a portfolio of genuine links from trusted sites. 

The secret to this is creating truly interesting, newsworthy marketing campaigns that will generate natural coverage of your business from online outlets. For example, if you’re an online fashion retailer, perhaps you’ve launched a line of 100% sustainable clothing that goes against the fast fashion model. Perhaps you’re a B2B company who has done some expert research into your sector, yielding surprising and valuable results. 

The key is to truly identify your audiences and their pains, objectives and interests when creating content to generate PR. If your PR content truly addresses a readers’ needs, publications will be more than happy to run with it. 

How can digital PR benefit you? 

You might be asking yourself ‘but what is the point of this?’ Well, the goal of digital PR is one and the same with that of traditional PR: to improve a brand’s visibility among its target audience, and to enhance its reputation. 

The difference is that, while traditional PR relies strongly on print media, digital PR requires a combination of  search engine optimizationcontent marketing, influencer outreach and social media. There are 3 crucial benefits to incorporating digital PR into your marketing mix. 

Reach new audiences

Digital PR, like traditional PR, allows you to reach new audiences through recommendations, reviews, sponsored content and guest features. But, unlike traditional PR, it also offers readers a direct route to you. For example, say a reader discovers your brand by reading a feature in a newspaper or print magazine. Their interest in your product may be piqued while they are reading, but as soon as they put that paper or magazine down, you’re out of sight. With digital PR, features link directly to you. If a reader is interested in your products after reading an online review, they can click a link that takes them directly to your product pages. 

Enjoy higher conversion rates and ROI

As a result of having easy and direct access to your domain, your digital PR audience is much more likely to convert than a traditional PR audience. This allows you to enjoy higher conversion rates and ROI while benefiting from increased online visibility and brand prestige.

Improve your SEO

Digital PR also benefits your SEO.  Since Google has started to place more  importance on the  quality of your content,  its relevance and on  trusted domains linking to your site, PR has been  vital element of SEO. A link from the right online outlet is a surefire way to help you climb to the top of that SERP.

In search of a digital PR strategy that will give you results? Get in touch with a team of specialist consultants.