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Why you need to invest more in your digital marketing.

Thursday, August 26th, 2021
Written by Content Team

Having a user-friendly website should be your priority when creating an online business, and the best way to achieve this is through a holistic digital marketing strategy.

  1. Increased traffic

No matter which channel you invest in, whether that’s SEO, PPC, social media or even email marketing, you will see a certain increase in traffic to your site. Both SEO and PPC allow your business to reach a better position on the search engine results pages (SERPs), and a better position in the SERPs often means more traffic. And more traffic = more paying customers.

  1. Better brand awareness

When it comes to brand awareness, you’ll be hard pressed to find a platform more effective than social media. It’s important that you capitalise on your social media platforms to help new people discover your business. If you are regularly posting, either promoted posts or organic posts, people will be able to find your social profiles through followed hashtags, discovery features, or friends’ posts. While these people may not convert right away, they now know your name, and will be in the back of their mind for months to come. 

  1. Reach a more targeted audience

Search engines and social media are creating and optimising algorithms to give consumers a more personalised online experience. Google and Facebook are some of the more famous examples of companies who do this, as they offer a platform to tailor content to its ideal audience.

Users of Google and Facebook will determine their interests, and brands can target those who would be interested in their content, and avoid disturbing those who wouldn’t be interested. advertising that isn’t relevant to them. It’s worth it to avoid potentially damaging brand reputation as well as to get the best return on your investment.

  1. Increased lead generation

Looking to increase leads for your business You can only get so far with a ‘subscribe’ button on your homepage. Lead generation is a much more delicate process, and it’s important that you nurture your audience if you want to see more leads for your money. Lead generation is simply capturing personal information about potential customers; such as name, email, phone number, company, job function, etc.. However, actually acquiring this information from site visitors can be more difficult than it seems.

It’s important that your website is capable of creating a pleasant customer journey, has a short but effective sales funnel, as well as nurturing customers with fresh, original content. If you think your site is lacking, digital marketing will be a great investment for your business.

  1. Easy to measure

Traditional marketing mediums are without a doubt more difficult to track and measure when compared to their digital counterpart. As well as being more costly. As we approach more modern times, the average consumer spends more time on their phone or desktop than anywhere else, and digital mediums make this so easy to track. This is where digital marketing takes the lead. There is a plethora of free tools such as Google Analytics, Google Search Console and SEMRush, making it easier than ever to track and measure success

With little to no budget, a strong digital marketing campaign can yield a greater ROI, with content being seen by a much larger and more targeted audience.