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Why you should have a digital marketing strategy in 2019

Monday, January 7th, 2019
Written by Content Team

Digital Marketing is an approach all business owners have at the back of their mind and is something that should be adopted within their current marketing strategy in order for them to be relevant today. Creating a digital marketing strategy is no different than creating any other marketing strategy so shouldn’t be discounted on the basis of simply not being knowledgeable in this topic, it is something that can be indispensable if introduced and managed correctly.

Understanding where you currently stand and where you envision your business progressing to is the first step. Outlining this plan is a great start in figuring out where you stand and what needs to be done in order to make progression and achieve digital marketing brilliance.

Nearly 50% of businesses have no strategy that is clearly defined, this makes it difficult for a plan to be followed successfully and for goals to be reached, thus impacting the development and progression of the business. It is therefore vital to define and monitor viable and realistic KPI’s and measure these in real time, this can then prompt you to make any necessary adjustments to enable success.

Why start your digital marketing strategy now?

Marketing has shifted considerably into a more results driven approach over recent years, with digital marketing you can track and measure what you do, making your targets clearer and easier to reach if implemented and managed sufficiently.

It’s important to know your customers

Many companies like to have a mix of both traditional and digital marketing. However, the insights gathered from digital marketing can help offer you a vital insight into your customers’ behaviour which delivers insights, allowing you to make decisions quickly and effectively and in turn helping to shape your business and your other marketing efforts.

Gathering information

The data that is collected from using various programs can provide incredibly useful information over time as well as in real time. Information you are able to collate include but isn’t limited to;

  • Conversion tracking;
  • Interactions;
  • Bounce rate;
  • Target audience and behaviour, amongst many others.

You also get to know about the people who interact with your ads, for example their interests, the best converters, what source they used to get to your site and what makes them more likely to take a certain action.

The information gathered using programs like analytics provides you with useful information that allows you to make informed decisions, for example where to cut costs or increase spend where necessary and where the best results are, allowing you to streamline your campaigns and optimise your results.

To conclude, it is clear that for businesses to compete effectively in today’s environment, a digital marketing strategy is needed. Customers are online now more than ever, it isn’t just about being present online though, it’s about putting the correct digital strategy in place for your business to thrive.