Optimise your Google My Business Listing

Improving Your Google My Business Listing

  Customer Reviews By responding to reviews, it shows that your business cares and values its customers. It may also encourage others to leave positive reviews. The more reviews you receive, the more reliable your business is portrayed.   Google posts This has recently allowed all users, including small businesses, to share products and/or services…

What is Neuromarketing and how to use it on the web to get qualified leads

What is it Neuromarketing? “The term neuromarketing refers to the use of modern brain science to measure the impact of marketing and advertising on consumers. For decades, marketers have sought to understand what consumers were thinking, but they’ve relied on traditional techniques — asking them what they thought in focus groups and surveys. Neuromarketing techniques…

Why SEO and PPC go hand in hand

Whether you are a smaller company just starting out in the digital world or are a well-established business competing with industry giants, the decision as to whether to invest in PPC or SEO should be made on a case by case basis. We have had clients come to us requesting SEO and after careful consideration of their website, goals and timeframe; have recommended they begin with PPC and incorporate SEO later down the line. It is difficult to categorically state which digital approach you should take without knowing more about your website and business.

Why your rankings aren’t staying put

Why your rankings aren't staying put - Global Search Marketing

I regularly hear of clients being contacted by SEO agencies promising to get them to the top of Google’s search results page quickly. This type of digital marketing is infuriating for SEO account managers who, like myself, take a natural approach to optimisation. Forcing a site to rank in position one for a week or two is possible, but if your aren’t putting the time and effort in, eventually your will see your rankings tumble down the search results page leaving you back at square one.